Selling An iPad? What You Need To Know & Do Explained

Whether switching to a different tablet or upgrading to the latest model from Apple, there are few things to be aware of before selling an iPad.

Selling a device is part of the tech life cycle, but for those unfamiliar with the process of disposing of old tech, selling something like an aging iPad can come with some additional complications. Though getting rid of much older technology previously only involved a simple factory reset, today’s Apple devices require a few more steps to ensure the product can be given to someone else with minimal issues.

Throughout the years, Apple has constantly improved its device ecosystem by polishing integration features like iCloud and Find My. With these features, Apple users can easily transfer data between different devices, and even find lost or stolen devices using another device. However, the improved level of seamless integration also makes switching ownership of a device that bit more difficult. Not to mention, selling a used iPad to an unknown third party can be even riskier.

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In a support document, Apple details what users should do before selling, giving away, or trading their iPad. In the most ideal situation, users can disconnect their device from iCloud and the App Store, while backing up all information and data to the cloud or another device. After which, users can then delete all the data stored on the iPad. Users should also remove their device from the Find My iPad feature. In a less than ideal scenario, former owners will need to ask the new owners to do it for them.

Where To Sell An iPad

Apple iPad Air

After deleting all the data from an iPad, users can finally ship it to a new home and owner. Today, there are a number of different ways to sell an old device. The most traditional way is through word of mouth, where devices can be sold to friends or friends of friends. Another way is to post an ad on a public forum like Craigslist or on an online marketplace, such as eBay or Swappa. Finally, users can trade their iPad in through more official channels, including Amazon, carriers, and even Apple itself, for credit towards a new device.

Naturally, the iPad’s resale value will depend on which method is chosen. If the user sells the device themselves, they can usually negotiate a better resale price. However, selling through word of mouth or through personal ads doesn’t guarantee an actual sale — at least, not quickly. On the other hand, if users go through the more official channels, they will guarantee the sale but can only rely on the price the channel offers for the device. For example, Apple offers up to $250 for a standard iPad and $535 for iPad Pro. Although it is worth keeping in mind that these prices are dependent on the generation and condition of the iPad with Apple offering far less for much older models.

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