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Selling 101 – The Professional Salesperson’s Survival Guide

Selling 101 – The Professional Salesperson’s Survival Guide

Selling professional services is one of the most competitive disciplines in the selling profession. Even salaries are in the low range today. Average salesperson revenue in 2006 as per the Research Services, Inc., survey was not good. This is a complete reflection of the competitive nature of the profession. Many sales colleges and sales training provinces no longer exist.

What is important for salespersons today is that they must get past minutia and get into the thinking of what their own organization is trying to achieve. To be able to “think the other’s way” they must also get good at asking questions. By being a good questioning leader you will get better at selling yourself.

Selling 101
Selling 101

Selling philosophy

We also suggest that your selling philosophy be based on a more tactical approach than functions like strategic thinking, planning, leading, or decision making. They say that leaders are fearful of making changes they want to initiate. This leads to a wishy-washy style of making decisions rather than taking active steps that lead toward a desired outcome. There is a definite advantage in using a more active style of making decisions rather than asking questions. The best executives that I have met are order takers and not order makers. They command respect through their independent leadership.

To begin my selling journey, I often prepare for selling meetings by thinking about the specific tactics that I will need to employ in each sales presentation. Doing careful research on the prospects current situation is a great way to start off your selling lection. Here are some possible advice that I would give sales managers in my chats with selling companies.

Know the key problems

Keep repeating them in your presentations eg “We hire and train non your-telligent, non-productive salesperson to support our mediocre performing salespeople, your opinion and advice helps us avoid hiring the low-hanging, deadwood”.

It’s important for sales managers to get the right people in sales by having a good sales staff training program, a clear sales approach, a sound product, a repeatable sales process.

The Power of Vision:

Does your company communicate to its customers what it is about?

Change the focus from vision to values. Your people will feel better about selling when they understand that they are part of something bigger and better. Be clear about what your company means to you. Let them know that they are making a contribution to building a world that matters, it matters to you and everyone is a stakeholder now and will always be a stakeholder in the future. Let your people get to know you this way.

Focus past current revenues and current sales targets. It’s a great time to ask yourself “What can I do to get more sales in the Spring?”Bor followed with “What can I do to get more sales in the Fall”?

Focus on the benefits of what you sell.

Mingle each meeting with specific tools that provide worthwhile measurable productive action’s. Do not waste time going over “top salespeople know how to sell but are not getting the results” This is a sure sign that the focus has changed.

Listen to your people.

They don’t really know the tricks of selling yet. Find out how each person in your sales organization thinks. Put your time into coaching and training them to work together for solutions.

Take small steps.

If you’re a new salesperson, try it and see what works for you, but do not become paralyzed by all of the preparation work.

Make decisions that keep you in front of them, make adjustments and be on their team. You want to make sure that when you are looking at new people and new situations, you take control over them. You need to be seen as the “Go to” person.

Maximize your time.

Salespeople in your organization will not take more calls until they know that they will need to talk to you. Get to the point now to move the process along.

Avoid taking small risks.

Write up a proposal and price list in advance and wait until that’s done. Look at results of what that costing in terms of your production. Sell the idea of the proposal until you are convinced that if you delay too long, it will create good opportunities for your competitors. You have to get to the point, if you don’t, your competition will.

Write an example of how you would want your client or customer to review your recommendations. It is important to make it clear what you are suggesting in terms of how you went about doing the job.

Go with the flow and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you make a decision that makes you uncomfortable, let your people know, don’t be defensive over it and don’t hold anything against them.

Writing from the point of view of selling is the fastest way to improve your selling activities. It will also help you to improve your selling result

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