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Self Love Club member Sare Goldman – Things&Ink

We chat with Manchester-based business owner Sare Goldman, a bold, positive self-lover who enjoys tattoos, empowering others and sharing her creativity.

Being a self-lover is a journey that never ends, it’s about breaking the rules that society has made and embracing everything about you – good and bad.

I tried self-love for about two years, followed tall girls on Instagram and started following their travels, but it really came to life in June 2019. My parents were going through a divorce that hit me hard and wanted something else to focus on. I had always struggled with my weight, was on a yo-yo diet and was never happy with my body. In June 2019, I decided to give up the diet and start loving and kissing myself instead. I started taking pictures of my body, dressed and undressed (in underwear), and started posting them on Instagram. I was never prepared for the support I received from other like-minded people who were on their love path just like me! Since then, I have never looked back!

I am an activist at heart and I strive to be the voice of people who feel they have no voice. Self-love is therefore present in my life every day. Whether it’s by practicing it myself or trying to let others see that they are amazing!

Self-love involves trying to train your brain to rethink the rules of your body and the clothes you wear. Of course, I’m still mindful of my body every now and then, but it’s always about talking to each other in a nice way. No matter who you are, I can guarantee you have something close to your heart when it comes to your body; be it fat rollers, cellulite, stretch marks or your teeth. Life is far too short to care about your appearance. No matter what you look like, you are allowed to exist freely, you are allowed to wear what you want, when you want and to live without judgment. Self-love is not selfish and you deserve to love your body.

Being a positive, bold self lover can be difficult at times as it’s all about changing people’s minds, which can take a long time! I find the best thing to keep myself in the right direction is to just get dressed and take selfies. It’s so empowering to look back on the pictures and think “OMG I’m so gorgeous”, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with thinking so high on yourself! If I ever get discouraged or self-aware, I just talk to one of the many friends I’ve made in the self-love community and they put me on the right track again! They are so supportive of you and it’s great to know people who are exactly like you.

The positivity of fats consists of accepting fats and not wanting to change them. It’s all about normalizing fat and teaching people not to think of fat as “disgusting” and “unhealthy”. Being fat positive isn’t “promoting ob * sity” it’s just trying to show society that fat people shouldn’t be ashamed of just existing. I love to empower others, I love to encourage them to see how gorgeous and amazing they are and yes sometimes people can be quite rude and ignorant but when you know you have allowed another girl to wear a crop top, totally worth it!

Tattoos have helped my personal love journey so much! My body is already a work of art so the tattoos just add to it. I don’t use tattoos to cover my body, I use my body to showcase amazing work that makes my body look even more beautiful! I have around 20 tattoos and my first tattoo was when I was around 14. My ex was getting a tattoo and I was intrigued, so I bit the bullet and found a little star near my bikini line so my mom wouldn’t see it. It’s safe to say I’ve got it covered now! From age 16 to 18, I was obsessed with the stars to the point where I have about five different sets on my body, which I plan to cover with another amazing job!

My choice of tattoos has definitely changed since I started my personal love journey. I have a few feminist / feminist tattoos and a few with empowering words like “Stay True”, “Empower Women” and “Tough Girl”. My favorite type of tattoo is the traditional neo. Love the style and can’t wait to get more of it after the lockdown is complete!

Tattoos definitely inspire the pieces I create! I can’t draw, so the pieces I create are the best thing to do. I started my business, Creative House UK, in July 2019, I had spent years trying to brainstorm different business ideas because I had always wanted to be my own boss.

From a young age I always wanted to be a hairdresser so I took a crash course to qualify. Once qualified, I quickly lost my passion. I then tried photography and started doing model and family photoshoots, but found it too stressful to try and get that perfect shot. Then I had a light bulb moment – “OMG, I can do impressions!” I had made my own wedding stationery and it seemed like the perfect idea.

I uploaded my first print to Etsy and when I had my first sale I was just ecstatic! Fast forward to now and I have my own website and now I sell prints, phone cases, t shirts, tote bags and other bobs and I love every second. I had always wanted creative work but never could find anything that suited me before that.

I love to create inspiring pieces that inspire people to love themselves. I want to create pieces that when people look or wear them, feel so good about themselves. My t-shirts have been a huge hit and a lot of my daughters in love wear them. It makes me so proud to see them wearing something that I have created knowing that they feel empowered and that they love each other wearing it.

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