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Self Contained Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is the cultivation of plants without soil, usually indoors. A hydroponic system is an autonomous growth unit consisting of some growing containers, a culture medium, a water tank, a pump that circulates water and a growing light. If you are new to hydroponic gardening you may want to consider buying a complete kit, all you need to add is water, the nutrients of the solution and the plants.

The idea behind hydroponic culture kits involves growing plants without soil and feeding them with a nutrient-rich solution. This gardening method is becoming popular because the gardener maintains control over the nutrients and oxygen that the plant receives. Under these controlled conditions, plants grow faster.

When using a hydroponic kit system, more plants can be grown in a smaller space thanks to the superior efficiency of the nutrient solution system. The process allows for easier fertilization as it is possible to use an automatic timer for fertilizing the plants.

Kit for hydroponic gardening systems

Hydroponic kits vary widely in size and price, but most systems can hold a certain number of growing pots. This means that if you purchased a kit that only contains 14 growing stations, you can only grow 14 plants at a time. Unless you have severe space restrictions, buy a hydroponic system that grows at least 24 plants or more.

The cultivation chambers provide the right atmosphere for plant growth in a hydroponic gardening system. A cultivation chamber is an autonomous agricultural and horticultural cultivation unit that incorporates all equipment for growing plants such as lighting, ventilation, liquid installation, timers, fans and filtration systems.

These growing systems are sold in a variety of hydroponic kits, many of which include an autonomous growing tank. Each kit includes everything you need to start your local hydroponic garden such as LED grow lights, growth lights and fertilizers. The only thing you provide is water.

Now you are ready to harvest the vegetables you want to harvest. Lettuce and tomatoes grow particularly well in an autonomous hydroponic gardening system. Other vegetables that also thrive in this environment are peppers, herbs and cucumbers.

by Anna M. Hartman

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