Selena Gomez: cooking school in streaming

Selena Gomez: cooking school in streaming

Food brings joy, today more than ever: closed at home, in recent months we have all become chefs, more out of necessity than pleasure. On social media it is a blaze of photos of home-made dishes, stories, direct themed food. And even now that the lockdown gradually loosens, and you can still order from restaurants, cooking remains a creative, fun, and relaxing way to spend time in these uncertain moments. From pizza to bread to desserts, from reinterpretations of classics to experimentation, you improvise chefs or share infallible recipes with friends.

Selena Gomez: cooking school in streaming
Selena Gomez: cooking school in streaming

Selena Gomez: Untitled Cooking Project

And now a world-famous pop star like Selena Gomez, also confined to her home and kitchen, has decided to produce a new cooking show which will be the protagonist. The HBO Max series, WarnerMedia’s new streaming platform that is launched this month is titled Untitled Cooking Project (it looks like a temporary title, and perhaps it is), it will debut in the summer and is dedicated to the many improvised and a little clumsy cooks who took pleasure in cooking during the quarantine, but still have a lot to learn.

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In each of the ten episodes of this “unscripted” series (no script), the singer will host a chef that, remotely, will explain step by step to you and the public how to make delicious dishes when you are forced to stay at home. The chefs will teach Selena the secrets of the trade and will give useful advice on ingredients, utensils, techniques, types of cuisine. Selena Gomez has never made a secret of the fact that she loves food and likes to cook – as can also be seen in a post on her Instagram profile at the end of March – and has often said that being a chef could be a fun alternative to the job of the singer.

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The pop star, actress and producer is also known for her social and philanthropic commitment: in each episode of his new cooking show, we will talk about a different one charity organization who in America deals with distributing meals to those in need, concretely supporting the many who suffer the most serious consequences of the pandemic every day.

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