Selena Gomez: a photo on Instagram drives fans crazy

Selena Gomez: There is a reason why Selena Gomez remains one of Instagram’s brightest stars. And that’s for sure her knowing how to tell herself and her life in a non-trivial way and above all never predictable. The pop star has always found a way to subvert the unwritten rules of communication of the photographic platform, publishing the painful and touching story of her illness that led to the kidney transplant or publishing shots taken just wake up, with sleepy eyes and an atmosphere of deep intimacy.

selena gomez: a photo on instragram drives fans crazy
selena gomez: a photo on instragram drives fans crazy

Today the pop star returns to amaze with another unexpected and unexpected content. On May 2, in fact, Selena Gomez published a shot that portrays her in front of her “home” recording studio in casual clothing and, of course, without make up.

“I improvise studio, so I can work at home,” wrote Selena, underlining that, despite the recent release of her new album, she has not decided to stop even in the face of the coronavirus emergency but that, on the contrary, she is already planning her future

That a new single dedicated to this period at home is coming?


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