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How to Select a Good Hotel in New Delhi

How to Select a Good Hotel in New Delhi

As one of the top sites for tourism around India, it is not all that hard to find hotels in Delhi. But with so many options out there, it is not all that easy to figure out which hotel is the perfect one. There are a few tips you can use for finding a great hotel around Delhi.

Ashoka Hotel Delhi
Image Ashoka Hotel Delhi

A Variety of Rooms

Every tourist in Delhi has one’s own specific needs for finding a quality hotel room to stay in. Some people want to stay rooms that are roomy and relaxing. These include large suites that include several spaces for all the individual needs one has.

Meanwhile, smaller basic rooms should be reviewed based on how comfortable they are. These rooms should come with one’s choice of a twin, queen or king size bed. Blackout curtains and drapes could also provide a guest with a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Ashoka Hotel Delhi in Chanakyapuri in South Delhi has rooms in many sizes including standard rooms with 264 square feet of space and deluxe suites at 1,200 square feet in size. The deluxe suites include a master bedroom, an office area, and a fully stocked pantry.

What Services Are Available?

The services being offered by a hotel in Delhi should be reviewed well. All hotels have their own special functions for many needs. The hotel has its own business center complete with a full workstation, fax machine, and other key services. The hotel also has a bank with ATM and currency exchange plus a florist and doctor on call.

A health club can also be found at many hotels like the above mentioned. This includes not only a pool like what you would find in many other hotels but also a workout center with all the necessary bits of training equipment anyone might need to use.

The spa is one concept that many hotels have been utilizing in recent time. A spa offers several comfortable and distinct services and activities. Ayurvedic treatment rooms, yoga rooms, and massage stations are among the top things to find in such hotels.

Hotel Amenities

Useful Amenities

The amenities that are available from a hotel are important. A quality hotel should offer various amenities that allow people to enjoy their experiences inside a hotel. Such amenities to find include free wireless online access and tea and coffee-making facilities in each room. A fully stocked bathroom with all the necessary toiletries and supplies is always good to have too. Don’t forget to look at how many hotels offer welcome baskets that include various sundries that people can enjoy having in their hotel rooms. The hotel is one such hotel that offers these amenities to its guests.

Dining Spots Are Diverse

When you stay at a hotel, you might notice the various dining spots that are available at such places. These dining areas include spots that serve find Indian foods. But the types of restaurants you would find at a Delhi hotel are rather diverse in nature. You may find some formal sit-down places or more casual and relaxed cafes that serve warm and cool drinks throughout the day.

How About Meetings?

Look at how meetings can be supported at a hotel too. Meetings can be held inside many hotels around Delhi as they offer their own special banquet halls and conference spaces. These are spots that offer room for special events of all kinds and even come with presentation equipment for some of the more formal business-oriented events people want to hold.

Dining cum Meeting Hall

A banquet hall like the nearly 7,500-square-foot hall offered by the Ashok New Delhi can also be used for festive occasions. Wedding receptions can be held in such halls. These receptions are even better when the hotel in question has enough room for all the people who want to stay in a particular place. Just look at what such a hall has to offer if you want to hold a very large special event in the area.

You have to look at many points as you look for great hotels around Delhi. The Ashok New Delhi is a great option to look into when you are finding a quality hotel. That is appealing and offers a good spot to stay at. But as you look at different hotels, you need to be certain you find one to stay at that is comfortable. And serves all the desires and needs you hold.

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