See ‘The View’ Star Whoopi Goldberg Crack Up Over Co-Hot Joy Behar’s Fail on the ABC Show

See ‘The View’ Star Whoopi Goldberg Crack Up Over Co-Hot Joy Behar’s Fail on the ABC Show

See ‘The View’ Star Whoopi Goldberg Crack Up Over Co-Hot
  • Tuesday, View Star Joy Behar had a camera accident that caused Whoopi Goldberg to fall apart.
  • Fortunately, Joy’s husband Steve Janowitz helped the co-host correct her video feed.
  • Meghan McCain then jokingly tweeted about the incident and called Joy “an American treasure”.

Joy Behar had an unexpected hiccup before Tuesday’s episode View that caused Whoopi Goldberg to laugh behind the scenes.

In in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the ABC daytime program asked each co-host – Whoopi, Joy, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain – hold virtual discussions from their own home. Since the format change, things were going pretty well … that is to say until this week when Joy started adjusting her camera a few moments before the start of the show on Tuesday. When the longtime co-host touched the camera, the camera eventually fell and temporarily froze her video stream.

While Joy was trying to quickly resolve the technical difficulty, the camera images show Whoopi creaking and Sunny and Meghan patiently waiting to launch. Moments later, Joy’s husband, Steve Janowitz, came to his rescue to repair his configuration. Fortunately, Joy and Steve were able to get View the star feedback worked and the show continued.

Reflecting on the incident on Wednesday, Joy gave viewers more details about what had happened.

“It happened, like, 10 seconds before we broadcast,” recalls Joy. “And poor Steve, who is a professor, he’s not a cameraman, he does all the technical work here.”

Meghan then joked with humor, “But you had your pants”, to whom Whoopi joked, “Well, maybe.”

Whoopi went on to say that she did not know what to do when Joy’s camera fell and she could not say if it was operational again. This is why Whoopi ended up inciting Joy and Sunny to talk when they went on the air.

“We work in really fun and strange and wild conditions,” Whoopi concluded.

On Wednesday evening, Meghan went on Twitter to commemorate the hilarious failure. Retweeting a clip of the accident on her account, she wrote: “@JoyVBehar is an American treasure.”

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