See the First Photos From Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Day

The publication of the first photos of the ceremony has been delayed out of respect Captain Tom, 100, knighted by the Queen in recognition of his fundraising efforts for the NHS. It was the matriarch’s first official public appearance since Britain’s ban.

At the knight ceremony, the BBC reports, the queen said, “My granddaughter got married this morning. Both Philip and I managed to get there – very nice.”

In addition, many viewers noticed that Prince Andrew did not pose for photos with his daughter on their big day, which is typical of members of the royal family. Given its controversial relationship with Jeffrey EpsteinIt is easy to understand why this decision was made.

“The Duke of York wants people to celebrate that his daughter is getting married instead of focusing on him,” said a The Sunday Times. “If the duke had been in the pictures, the circus over the pond would have started and people would have accused him of trying to ram into the picture with the queen. You can’t win.”

“The only thing nobody can criticize the Duke for is his love for his daughters, and he doesn’t want to distract his daughter’s wedding,” added the .

The Sunday Times noted that Prince Andrew led Princess Beatrice down the aisle.

The princess’ wedding was a pleasant surprise for royal observers who previously believed the wedding had been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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