See Kate Middleton’s, Queen Elizabeth’s, & More Royals’ Signatures in Photos

See Kate Middleton’s, Queen Elizabeth’s, & More Royals’ Signatures in Photos

For most people, especially in the digital age, a signature is a utility tool, used after swiping a card at the checkout or accepting a contract. But for the royal family, autographs are a big part of the job, whether they leave their mark in a decades-old guest book or add a personal touch to an important thank you note.

So, what types of signatures did they compose and have they remained consistent for years or decades? Here, the autographs of the Windsors, from the classic brand of Queen Elizabeth to the curvy cursive of Kate Middleton.

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Many have allowed their signatures to evolve in one or two lines as they age, but not the almost 94-year-old British monarch.

Philip’s autograph looks surprisingly neat and curly.

Charles makes each letter as narrow as possible, making it a uniform mark.


The Duchess of Cornwall

Unlike her husband, Camilla gives priority to the first letter on her behalf.


Prince William

William has perhaps the most stylized and legible signature of the royal family.


The Duchess of Cambridge

Although she is still widely known to her fans as “Kate”, the Duchess introduces herself (and signs the guest books) as Catherine.


Prince Harry

Harry kept it simple, letting the last letters of his name flow online.


The Duchess of Sussex

Meghan actually has professional calligraphy experience, so it’s not surprising that her autograph is so well composed. (“There was not a single mistake, it was really perfect, flawless, and I remember being in awe of it,” said Paula Patton once, whose wedding invitations were made by the duchess. City and countryside.)


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