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Screwed CAT 2017? How to prepare XAT? Tips by Tips Clear

Screwed CAT 2017? How to prepare for XAT?

Prepare XAT: XAT organised by XLRI is a saviour of depressed CAT aspirants. It has successfully built a sound reputation due to its fair and rigorous selection process. Opting for XAT after CAT has another advantage- one can analyse and identify areas of improvement before giving the exam. XAT being a single slot exam, unlike other management exams in India, has no complicated calculation of scores and normalisation.

Prepare XAT
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XAT offers the opportunity of self-analysis, in contrast to all other exams. XLRI releases the official answer key XAT Answer Key to analyse and access your performance. Also, XAT scores are considered by 11-member institutes including XLRI Jamshedpur and XIM, Bhubaneshwar. XLRI is one of the most reputed colleges for PGDM courses in Business Management and Human Re Management. Accreditations from AACSB and AMBA has cemented XLRI’s pantheon of great business schools.

Prepare XAT Syllabus

Practice and understanding of XAT Syllabus– All relevant topics is the essential tip to crack XAT. As claimed by the test takers, XAT has raised difficulty levels than CAT; it requires time management skills for better scores. The addition of Decision Making and GK section has increased the pressure standards of the exam. Relying on just the coaching institutes will lead nowhere so self-study should also be inculcated.

Read about the student-friendly changes and preparation strategies required to explain XAT in the article.

Essential skills to crack XAT Exam

Approximately six months left for one of the toughest and most prestigious management entrance exams brings you to the phase of introspection before leaping. Also, you must be thinking of the skills required to become a master of Business Administration. Here are few skills one must possess for admission to the top business schools:

  • Do not confuse the problem-solving in business with that of an aptitude exam. It is important to know how to find the solutions to problems that one might face in day-to-day corporate activities.
  • One must be capable of making decisions that affect how well the client would stick to the company. One has to be a good observer to analyse the problems of the business world and find solutions to the same. This is one of the important aspects that B-schools look for.
  • Not just a good communicator, one must be an effective orator too. It is not just about good vocabulary or English, but it is about how you can get your message across the receiver. Effective communication is adapting your message structure to suit the needs of the receiver
  • The primary skill required to set your foot in a B-school is the aura of a manager. Cultivate the ability of decision making through practice and observation to depict your managerial aptitude. This trait is best tested during the PI round of XAT Selection Process.
  • Clarity of thought as to why do you want to join the program or the institute is cliched but necessary.
XAT-Exam Preparation
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Changes Introduced in XAT Exam Pattern

XLRI has launched easy-to-understand variations in the XAT Exam Pattern to find an ideal management aspirant. XAT is considered as one of the important management exams. It has gained a traditional kind of status among the smart candidates. Here are few changes introduced by XLRI for all the first timers:

  • The number of questions has been reduced to 78 from 84 while the time allotted to attempt the exam has been increased to 170 minutes. This change has been introduced after analysing that the number of questions attempted in the exam has been traditionally low. Many who focus on accuracy are also unable to try more questions due to less time. So, plan to work more now!
  • To encourage candidates to demonstrate all-round skills, XLRI has brought down the difficulty level of XAT. The less number of questions and more time limit along with reduced difficulty level helps find better candidates for the program.
  • XLRI has observed that students have become risk averse in attempting the difficult questions. Thus, to counteract the phenomenon of many unattempted questions, XLRI has amended the negative marking system. Now if one leaves more than 13 unanswered questions, they will be marked negatively (0.05 mark) irrespective of the negative marking for incorrect attempts.
  • This change has been made to encourage the risk-taking ability of the students. XAT has been made a robust in differentiating good students from the not-so-good ones. Also, this change has been done to predict the skills of a manager in the aspirant.
  • After considering the reviews for the test takers, XLRI decided to reduce the number of questions from the GK section. Also, the nature of the questions will be general rather than specific. There is no negative marking in this section.

Prepare XAT examination Tips

XAT Preparation Strategies by Toppers

Being well-versed with the XAT Syllabus and solving the sample papers- practice is the best preparation strategy. One who is appearing for XAT after CAT has an advantage over other students as the design of the question paper is almost similar for both. Predicting your weaknesses and areas for improvement will help you succeed in XAT 2018. XAT Preparation does not require you to study round the clock. Instead, you need to study smartly and with an intelligent approach to crack the questions correctly in minimum time to achieve a high score.

Given below are few tips from the XAT toppers followed by them for both exam and other steps of the selection process:

Shivani Saksena, 99.7 percentile scorer in XAT 2017, says “Coaching helped me with the required study material, but it was the practice and time I devoted which helped me score this percentile. It was unexpected. YouTube videos and talking to a group of people was a great trick implemented to crack GDPI after the XAT Result”. According to her, PIs are more spur of the moment and moody occurrences. She also mentions that XLRI looks for friendly and smart people for the program. “Stay confident and answer sensibly is the key to crack!”, she exclaims.


Siddharth Raghuvanshi, IITK pass out mentions having great luck during the exam. He says, “Great understanding of the basics can get you through the selection. Peace of mind and confidence can impress the faculty. The interview isn’t too easy but understand your resume so that you answer all the questions accurately.” His key to crack the interview and GD were Reading Newspapers as they helped him develop his opinion on various issues.

Jatin Mehra, 99.7 percentile scorer, had a clear view of his future and was incredibly focused. This helped him get through XAT. He followed books but was also into reading newspapers, novels, solving puzzles and playing other games to keep himself focused and improve his comprehension. “Focus on each topic from XAT Syllabus only for the exam, but other rounds require confidence.”, says Jatin

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