Scott Disick Shares New Photo of Reign’s Haircut: Look Back at More of His Cutest Pics!

The new ‘do!

Kourtney Kardashian may not be able to cope Dominion Disick‘s new short locks, however Scott Disick seems to be a fan!

The gentleman himself uploaded a delightful photo of Reign’s fresh haircut on Wednesday afternoon, along with the headline “Play on playa”. In the picture, the five-year-old appears to be taking a break from swimming to the hangout by the side of the pool with his father.

ICYMI, Kourtney unveiled Reign’s new look on Tuesday, and posted an Instagram photo of her little one stroking his short hair with one hand.

“I’m not doing well,” the mother of three captioned the photo, clearly shocked by the big change, as he wore locks for most of his life.

But of course, many of Kourtney’s followers like – including family members Kim Kardashian– quickly shared their admiration for Reign’s fresh cut.


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