Sarah Jessica Parker launches a new reality show for singles

Sarah Jessica Parker has created a format for singles

We cannot deny the evidence: Carrie Bradshaw, of more or less stable boyfriends, in Sex & The City, he had: Mr. Big, Aidan, Berger, Aleksandr Petrovsky … But the rest of the time, and for six seasons, ours was engaged, in addition to shopping and drinking Cosmopolitan, to seek love, together with his three adventure / misfortune companions Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. Years of casual encounters, first dates, scorching disappointments, romantic moments or, more often, improbable and embarrassing boyfriends, continuous inspiration for his column on New York Star. For the joy and amusement of the public all over the world, female and non-female, who for years has cheered for the four girls, decreeing the success of one of the most loved TV series ever (here the most beautiful episodes in our opinion) .

But there is life (as a single) even after SATC: also in Divorce, the HBO and Sky Atlantic series which she also executive produced, Parker, in the role of Frances Dufresne, she found herself alone after her divorce from her husband Robert (Thomas Haden Church).

And with all this wealth of knowledge on single life and first dates, albeit limited to the small and the big screen (Parker is happily married to Matthew Broderick since 1997), who, if not Sarah Jessica Parker, could think of a reality show dedicated to singles? Is called Swipe Swap the new program produced by ITV America which involves two singles who exchange, literally, their lives, and therefore their home, family and friends, hoping that in a completely new context they will have more luck and will be able to find love. In short, a bit like I change my wife, (in Italy on the Nove channel with new episodes) but with singles instead of kind consorts.

Sex and the City: the five most beautiful episodes (in our opinion)

Parker, who he turned 55 in March is the executive producer of Swipe Swap with his production company, Pretty Matches Productions. In addition to the new reality show, the actress also has other projects: will return to Broadway in spring 2021 next to her husband in Neil Simon’s comedy Plaza Suite, postponed because of Covid-19.

In the meantime, SJP, style icon on TV and in life, which enchants us every year with its extraordinary outfits for the Met Gala, which has always professed its unconditional love for fashion, and especially for shoes, enough to launch its Made in Italy shoewear line, SJP Collection, in 2014. And this year he inaugurated his first single-brand store in New York, in the same spaces as the historic boutique of Manolo Blahnik, the shoe designer idolized by our Carrie.


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