Samsung’s new appliances want to make staying home smarter

Samsung quietly released new devices during the summer months.


It’s been a strange year for tech giants and product announcements. A global pandemic slowed down several conferences and exhibitionswhich results in a less than exciting time in tech.

Even so, Samsung quietly released new devices over the summer months, and the company is now putting them at the center of its new advertising campaign, which focuses on how staying at home inspires more people to cook, upgrade their home for high-tech efficiency, and even clean makes a distraction. Here you will find the latest offers from the device and electronics manufacturer.

Wi-Fi drawer areas

Samsung’s new slide-in areas include an updated user interface and Wi-Fi connectivity.


The latest line of Wi-Fi from Samsung is a slide-in model with a new user interface. Samsung added the so-called Smart Dial to the front of the control panel in the range of products. The smart dial learns your most frequently used settings and creates shortcuts for these settings. For example, if you set your oven to bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the oven will suggest that setting when you tap the smart dial.

The Wi-Fi-enabled areas also work with Bixby, Alexa or Google for voice commands or by remote control via the SmartThings app for iOS or Android, where you can preheat, monitor and adjust the cooking time or temperature and monitor your hob.

The new product lines from Samsung are also equipped with an Air Fry mode and an additional Air Fry compartment. You can cook fried foods in your oven with little to no oil. Samsung isn’t the first company to include air fry in its ranges. Frigidaire announced the same skill last year. Samsung’s new slide-in ranges start at $ 999 and are available on the Samsung website.

Family Hub updates

Samsung presented updates to his Family Hub Fridge at CES this year, and those updates went live in May. With the latest Family Hub software, your fridge now remembers what’s in it, suggests recipes with those ingredients, and can place orders for missing items through delivery apps like Instacart.

Of course, you need to do some work such as: B. the labeling of your food or the entry of purchase and expiry dates. Bosch and GE also brought food monitoring software to the January show, and that idea isn’t going to go away anytime soon, especially given the surge in quarantine Online ordering and delivery service.

Robot mops and a new stick vacuum cleaner

The JetBot Mop cleans floors in eight different modes.


The $ 249 Samsung Jetbot Mop is a robotic mop that can tackle hardwood, tile, and other mopable surfaces in your home. You can wipe for up to 100 minutes with a high capacity battery. Eight different cleaning modes, including a handheld option, are powered by sensors that control your home. According to Samsung, the Jetbot can even prevent it from falling down the stairs.

Samsung’s Jet Stick Vacuums complete the latest line of floor care products. The wireless and lightweight jet stick is designed for use on all types of floors and has a built-in filter system that, according to Samsung, can catch 99.999% of the dust particles and allergens that would normally escape into the air. An accompanying Clean Station is connected to the Jet Stick for easy emptying. Jet stick vacuums cost between $ 350 and $ 600 and are available on the Samsung website.

The Samsung Jet Stick vacuum cleaner has a built-in air filter and a suction power of 200 watts.



We met them AirDresser This high-tech laundry wardrobe made its US debut this summer at IFA in September 2019. The refresh system, which is often shown as a walk-in closet component, looks like a closet. It can hold up to six items of clothing and comes with three air brackets. These hangers release air and steam, relax the wrinkles and remove dust and odors. A normal update takes about 24 minutes.

The AirDresser refreshes clothes and removes wrinkles.


The AirDresser can freshen up clothes, bed linen and even soft toys. There are also cycles for certain items of clothing such as down jackets or leather, as well as a disinfection cycle for a high temperature boost. The AirDresser’s MSRP is $ 1,499, with Samsung currently promoting it at $ 1,049.

Samsung’s new and improved device for 2020 is focused on making it easier to manage personal life with voice assistants, apps and pugs that control themselves as so many people around the world have homes in offices, schools, gyms, studios and more transform.

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