Samsung’s first in-display camera phone may also be its next big foldable

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen and selfie camera macro

  • Samsung will reportedly debut an in-display selfie camera on its future foldable phone.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be the first phone from Samsung to adopt the technology.
  • Per the report, the phone will debut in late 2021.

Samsung will reportedly use its next large foldable phone as a testbed for its in-display camera technology. Per a report by Korea’s ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could be the first from the company to sport a hidden camera sensor.

First popularized by ZTE’s Axon 20, in-display camera technology makes use of a sensor placed beneath the display. Although the design should allow for a cleaner, all-display look unlike the notched Galaxy Fold and punch-holed Galaxy Z Fold 2, camera quality will likely see a mild nerf. As light has to pass through the display to reach the sensor, shots may not be as clear as those captured by traditional shooters.

That said, the Korean firm is exploring ways around this problem. The company is reportedly looking to increase the distance between the display’s pixels above the camera to allow more light through to the sensor. This, however, may impact the screen image quality in that particular section of the display.

In-display selfie cameras coming in 2021

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 straight on

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

In-display selfie cameras haven’t burst onto the scene as many have expected. Although there are already mass-produced solutions available, smartphone makers are sticking to punch holes and the odd notch to mount shooters to handsets. Arguably, if the tech isn’t broken, why fix it? That’s a sentiment echoed by Android Authority readers too.

For Samsung, it makes sense to debut the technology on a foldable phone rather than its Galaxy S or Note flagships. More screen real estate is the chief reason to purchase a foldable, not the selfie camera quality.

Samsung isn’t alone in this field, though. Xiaomi announced it’s developing its own in-display camera technology with the first devices planned for release in 2021. We wouldn’t be surprised if other companies follow suit.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is set to debut in Q3 2021, per the report. That should give the company plenty of time to iron out any issues ahead of its 2022 wave of flagships.

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