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Samsung has a new Galaxy S20+ 5G and Buds perfect for the #BTSarmy

BTS Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G

BTS with their edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G.


K-Pop fans are getting ready: Samsung has confirmed the launch of a BTS-themed Galaxy S20 + 5G phone. Samsung and BTS are also collaborating on the Galaxy Buds + BTS edition, with the phone and headphones with a purple heart. Both will be available on July 9.

the Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G BTS Edition includes glass and purple metal, and comes with stickers, group photo cards, preinstalled BTS themes, and the Weverse fan social community platform.

The Galaxy Buds + BTS edition and charging case will be in purple, with the BTS logo, and will also come with group photo cards.

If you pre-order the phone in the Samsung online store, you will get a 50% discount on Buds, plus a limited edition poster from BTS. Pre-ordering the phone and headphones at the same time will save you two posters. If you pre-order Buds, you will receive a free BTS wireless charger.


Galaxy Buds + BTS edition.


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