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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs. Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs. Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs. Galaxy Tab S6: Which is the Best Tablet?

It’s time to find out which tablet you should buy, if you’re in the market for one! While both tablets are excellent options, they do have their differences. Let’s take a look at some of them below and help you make up your mind.

-The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has an enhanced DeX mode that makes it more useful as a productivity device than its predecessor.

However, the battery life on the Tab S6 is better; on average it lasts 3 hours longer than on the newer model.

The screen resolution on both models is good (1920×1280) but only 1920×1080 pixels gives you more pixels per inch (ppi) on the Tab S7, making for a more crisp and detailed image.

The camera of the Galaxy Tab S6 is better; it has a 13MP main camera and an 8MP front-facing shooter (S7: 12.0 MP and 5.0 MP). However, you can’t use the same lenses as with a regular Samsung device on either model.

You get Samsung’s DeX mode with both models but only on the Tab S7 you can purchase additional accessories such as a keyboard cover or stylus to increase productivity even further.

The newer model supports HDR video playback whereas the previous generation doesn’t.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs Galaxy Tab S6″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S7-vs-Galaxy-Tab-S6.jpg” alt=”Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs Galaxy Tab S6″ width=”720″ height=”480″ /> Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 vs Galaxy Tab S6


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Size 253.8 x 165.3 x 6.3mm (9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25in) 244.5 x 159.5 x 5.7mm (9.62 x 6.28 x 0.22in)
Weight 498 grams (1.1 pounds) 420 grams (14.8 ounces)
Screen size 11-inch TFT 10.5-inch Super AMOLED
screen resolution 2560 x 1600 pixels (274 pixels per inch) 2560 x 1600 pixels (287 pixels per inch)
Operating system android 11 android 11
Storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 128GB, 256GB
MicroSD card slot Yes Yes
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Camera 13 megapixels and 5MP rear, 8MP front 13MP and 5MP rear, 8MP front
Video 4K at 30 frames per second 4K at 30fps
bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
ports USB-C USB-C
fingerprint sensor Yes Yes
Waterproof No No
battery size 8,000mAh 7,040mAh
app market google play store google play store
network support AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile
Colors Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, Mystic Bronze

(Cellular only in Mystic Black)

Mountain Grey, Cloud Blue, Blush Pink
Price $649 + $649+ (now reduced online)
Review Score News 3.5 stars out of 5

Design, visualization and durability.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.
Julian Chokkattu/Clear Tips

Looking to buy a new Android tablet? Here’s a comparison of two of the best Samsung has to offer – the Galaxy Tab S7 vs. Galaxy Tab S6.

Both tablets have sleek designs with thin bezels and aluminium frames/backs, but there are some differences in terms of specs and features.

The Tab S7 has a TFT-based screen (versus Super AMOLED on Tab S6) and is slightly larger at 11 inches versus 10.5 inches for Tab S6.

The Tab S7 also has a redesigned rear camera module that is more integrated with the magnetic slot for the S Pen.

Durability-wise, neither tablet offers any sort of official water-resistance rating.

>The one thing that blatantly stands out is the obvious design difference between the two tablets, with Tab S7 sporting a TFT-based screen and Tab S6 featuring Super AMOLED panel. Apart from the fact that TFT technology can’t quite reach the level of Super AMOLED, so it’s obvious why Samsung would do this: to differentiate these two products and give users a choice in terms of display quality.

>The other major difference between Tab S6 and Tab S7 we’ve noticed is an improved rear camera module on the latest tablet in terms of integration with the magnetic slot for the S Pen (which comes included). Plus, another great feature about both these tablets is their aluminium frames and glass backs, which not only look great but offer better durability than plastic.

>Overall, the design is very similar between these two tablets with differences that are negligible at best. As for build quality and durability, they’re probably on par with each other as well.

>With both of them featuring standard 16:10 aspect ratio screens (versus the usual 16:9), you get more real estate when watching movies or playing games. But still, there’s no official IP rating for water/dust resistance, so it’s better to stay safe and avoid using either of these tablets near water bodies or wherever there is a lot of dust around.

>While Samsung has typically offered Super AMOLED screens on its flagship devices, we can see companies using TFT technology for mid-range and budget-friendly devices as well. And notably, the Tab S7 costs $100 more than its predecessor, which might be one of the reasons why there are some notable changes in design/form factor/specifications.

>Overall, both these tablets look fantastic but it’s really hard to pick a clear winner here. There are barely any differences between them in terms of design, display quality or durability between these two models – so you’ll have to choose based on specifications and price point. Also, if you’re looking into buying either of these tablets right now, be sure to check out our comparison article on whether you should buy Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2017) .

>Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is available on Amazon for $499.00 (~Rs 33,500), while Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 can be bought from the same retailer for $599.00 (~Rs 42,000).

Performance, battery life and charging

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.
Julian Chokkattu/Clear Tips

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile Android tablet, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. It features the latest Snapdragon 865+ chip, 6GB of RAM (expandable to 8GB), and 128GB of internal memory as standard. The Tab S7’s battery life is also exceptional, lasting up to 14 hours on a single charge.

=However, if you’re looking for an affordable option, the Galaxy Tab S6 is a good choice. It comes with the Snapdragon 855 chip, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal memory. While its battery life may not be as good as the Tab S7’s, it should still last for at least one day.

The Galaxy Tab S7 has a decent 15 watt USB-C charger. If you need to recharge the Tab S6 quickly, we recommend getting the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Charger (EP-TA12EWE).

The TAB S7 is an incremental update over its predecessor and doesn’t change much. It has a better battery life and one of the best displays in its category thanks to Super AMOLED technology. Even though it’s not fully waterproof and lacks a headphone jack, it’s still fantastic device that isn’t worth missing out on if this is what you’ve been looking for. The stylus makes it stand out from other tablets in this segment and makes writing notes more convenient than ever before.

We would like to see the Galaxy Tab S7 include a triple camera setup on the back panel, even if two of these lenses are for wide-angle or zoom. A fingerprint sensor in the middle of the horizontally placed power button and volume rocker would also be nice, while face unlock is still not up to par with competitors. Perhaps Samsung will improve on all of these aspects when it launches the Galaxy Tab S8 or whatever they decide to call it early next year – but until then, this tablet remains one of our top picks in its category.

The TAB S6 has similar specs as its predecessor but sacrifices some features in order to make it slimmer. It’s got no headphone jack, lacks water resistance, and doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, but it’s lighter and slimmer than the Tab S5e. Its revamped design makes it look modern while also being more comfortable to hold with one hand. Unfortunately, the TAB S6 is only available in black so you get less color choices compared to its predecessor.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is an impressive tablet for work or entertainment thanks to its excellent Super AMOLED display, powerful internals, and better software package. However, without a microSD card slot for storage expansion and an always-on display, this device has limited appeal for power users that want more control over their tablets – especially at this price point. It’s still worth investing in if you’re looking for a good Android tablet with a modern design and a great display.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.
Andy Boxall/Clear Tips

Samsung has released their newest tablet in the Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S6. These tablets are very similar, but there are some differences between them that you’ll want to know about before making your purchase.

Both of these devices come with 13MP cameras on the backside for taking bright, colorful images during the day or when there is plenty of light around. However, at night time or when it’s darker outside, both models struggle with noise in photos. The difference between these two models is that one comes with an 8MP front-facing camera for video calling while worlding HD quality footage (1080p) at 30fps – this is good if you plan on using your tablet as a way to call people often!

It’s easy to compare these two tablets against one another – you can take a look at them below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 10.5″ (Wi-Fi) Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5″ (LTE)

Both of these models come with an AMOLED display, which means that the colors are brighter and richer than any LCD screen would be able to give you. It also uses “Mobile HDR Premium” technology, so it’ll be easier for you to watch movies or view photos without straining your eyes due to poor quality images. The IPS panel used on the iPad Pro is what gives it better eye strain resistance compared to other tablets, but this isn’t something that will affect everyone in the same way.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 10.5″ (Wi-Fi) Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5″ (LTE)

Both of these tablets are constructed with metal, which makes them more durable compared to other models on the market that are made out of plastic or glass – you can drop them without having to worry about damaging them! Alongside this, both devices are waterproof up to depths of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes – good if you plan on using your tablet in pools or hot tubs. That doesn’t mean they’ll work properly after being submerged in water though, so keep that in mind!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 10.5″ (Wi-Fi) Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5″ (LTE)

Both of these models come with Android 9.0 Pie as their operating system, which gives them access to some new features that you’ll absolutely want to check out if you haven’t had a chance yet! Some of those new features include “Picture-in-picture mode” and a redesigned settings menu that’s easier for you to navigate. You can learn more about what’s different in the newest version of Android here.

Winner: Tie

Software and updates

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 comes with Android 10 and Samsung OneUI 2.5. While the Tab S6 was initially released with Android 9, both versions can be upgraded to Android 11. Android tablet users may be aware that the operating system doesn’t translate well. Some third-party apps may not scale correctly to the tablet size. This is an issue that both tablets have to deal with, so this tablet does not lose points.

DeX mode is available on both devices, which is great for anyone who plans to use their tablet as a laptop. DeX mode turns your home screen into a Windows desktop. It allows users to open multiple apps at once and adjust their sizes to suit their work priorities. This is a great feature for those who use their tablet for work. However, not all third-party applications support DeX.

Both tablets are identical in software terms, but we will give the Galaxy Tab S7 our vote. Why? Because there are only three generations of guarantee updates per device. The fact that the S7 was launched a year later is a significant factor.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Special features

Back of the Galaxy Tab S7.
Andy Boxall/Clear Tips

The S Pen attaches magnetically on both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & Tab S6 devices. The stylus is intuitive and simple to use. This opens up many features and functionality for creative professionals. It has a note-taking feature that makes it easy to mark or annotate documents. Palm rejection is highly reliable. This allows you to draw or write with your palm flat on screen.

You can also purchase the Samsung Book Cover keyboard separately on both tablets for $199. If you intend to use DeX mode, this is a must. However, there are other options if you wish to save money. These may have more consistent and responsive trackpads as well as backlighting for the keys.

This round is a tie because both tablets offer the same features.

Winner: Tie

Price and availability

You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 from Samsung at $650 for the 128GB Wi-Fi model, $730 if you want the 256GB model and $830 if you want the 512GB model. The cellular version will cost $850 and only comes with 128GB storage. Samsung also offers a discount if you trade in an eligible older model.

Samsung has discontinued selling the Galaxy Tab S6 directly. You can still buy the Galaxy Tab S6 online from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. Although it is likely to be in refurbished or refurbished condition, it will probably still save you money when compared with the Tab S7.

Overall Winner: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

-The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has a more powerful processor than the Galaxy Tab S6.

-The Galaxy Tab S7 also includes more RAM and internal memory as standard.

-The Galaxy Tab S7 guarantees you an extra year of software updates, making it a bit more future-proof than the previous Tab S6.

-The Galaxy Tab S6 has a richer, more vivid display than the Galaxy Tab S7.

-The Galaxy Tab S6 can also be found online at a discount compared to the S7, so anyone looking to save some money may prefer it to its little brother.


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