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Sam Cook Net Worth and Salary: Sam Cook was an American singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur with net assets of $ 2 million at the time of his death. This is approximately $ 17 million in today’s dollars after adjusting for inflation. As part of an audit in 2015, the accountant estimated his assets at the time to be $ 100 million.

Sam is commonly called the King of Souls for his distinctive vocals and pioneering soul music. Cook had recorded several hits, including the song “A Change Is Gone Less,” in 2017, for preservation in the Library of Congress.

Sam was a central part of the civil rights movement, which waged a fight using its influence and popularity. Cook was good friends with Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, who together campaigned for racial equality. Sam was killed on December 11, 1964 at the Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles, CA.

early life: Sam Cook was born on January 22, 1931 in Clarkdale, Mississippi. Sam was the fifth of eight children, and his father, Charles, was a minister in the Church of Christ. In 1933, Cooke’s family moved to Chicago, where he attended Doolittle Elementary, followed by Wendell Phillips Academy High School. Sam began singing when he was six years old and singing along with his siblings in the group. In his early teens, he joined the American evangelical group Highway QC as their lead singer.

Carrier: In 1950, Kukey became the lead singer of the gospel group The Soul Stirrers, who was signed to Specialty Records. The first recording released with Sam was the song “Jesus Give Me Water”. Cook was credited with bringing gospel music to a small audience, mainly girls who would come to see Soul Strikers to catch a glimpse of Sam.

In 1956, Cook recorded his first song as a solo artist, “Loveable.” He released the song under a pseudonym with the hope of hiding it from his evangelical fan base as stigma against evangelical singers performing secular music. However, Sam’s unique singing did not fool anyone. At first, Specialty Records head, Art Rupe, supported Cook in recording secular music. Nevertheless, when he found out that Sam was covering Gershwin, he had an argument that Cook should leave Soul Striker and his label.

In 1957, Sam signed a deal with Keane Records and released his first hit, “You Send Me”, which spent six weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard R&B chart. It spent three weeks at number 1 on the Billboard pop chart. As Cook’s popularity grew, he and his band were requested in theaters around the country. Sam refused to perform in establishments where Jim Crow laws of secession still existed.

In 1960, Cook signed a record deal with RCA Victor. His first solo single with RCA was “Chain Gang”, one of the first examples of a protest song in mainstream music. The song peaked at number 2 on the Billboard pop chart. This was followed by several hit films including “Hit It on Home to Me,” Any Saturday Night, “and” Twistine the Night Away “.

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In 1961, after notifying the record companies, robbing African-American artists of royalty-payment, including himself, Sam started his label SAR Record with JW Alexander. While Cookie’s music was still signed to RCA, the label’s focus was to encourage African-American artists to record and gain fame, while being supported by a record company that offered them reasonable royalties was. The label soon signed Sims Twins, Valentino, Mel Carter and Johnny Taylor. Sam also formed a publishing imprint and management firm to give his artists more control and authority over his work.

Like most R&B artists of his time, Cook focused on releasing singles. He scored 29 hits on the Top 40 pop charts and more on the R&B chart. He was a prolific songwriter, and unlike most pop singers of his time, he wrote most of his songs. In addition to his singles, Sam released eleven studio-albums during his six-year solo career, including the critically acclaimed “Ain’t That Good News” in 1964.

Death: On December 11, 1964, Sam Cook was killed at the Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles, CA. The hotel’s manager, Bertha Franklin, shot Cook three times in the chest, claiming he had self-defense in a dispute with Sam. Cook’s funeral service was held seven days later in Chicago, where more than 200,000 fans lined the streets to see his body.

Ferrari: More than 507 silver gray Ferrari Lusso s / n 5207 was completed in Maranello, Italy, on November 20, 1963, two days before the death of John F. Kennedy. A few months later, Ferrari was exported to Los Angeles. In November 1964, Sam Cook bought the car for an MSRP of $ 13,375, which is equivalent to about $ 113,000 in today’s dollars. The same car proceeded to paint Burgundy red. The night of his death, a month later, Sam drove the car first to an Italian restaurant and then to the Hacienda Motel. When police arrived at the scene after his death, the car was parked in the parking lot. The car was entered into probate, then put on the market. In early 1965, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys bought the car for $ 10,000. Dennis attached a boat trailer to Ferrari. Anywhere he went with the car, the boat got stuck behind. Dennis gave his wife Carol a lusso in their divorce. The car was badly damaged in a rear-end accident in 1968, then sold to a local sports car dealership where it was repaired. In 1986 it sold for $ 45,000. As of 2000/2010, it cost $ 500,000. Today it is worth 1-2 million dollars, even without musical musical history.

A different red Ferrari, 275 GTB / 4 NART, would later be crashed by Charles Manson’s infamous family members, when Wilson allowed a dozen female “family members” to take him into his home. While the girls lived with Wilson, he took a group of them to the supermarket and dumpster dives to eat them.

Posthumous Honors: In the month following Sam’s death, a record and two singles were released. One of the singles, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” immediately became an anthem of the civil rights movement.

Cook’s style led to soul music and influenced the rise of Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gay. His huge presence and popularity gave hope to young African-American populations across the country, including Michael Jackson and Prince.

In 1986 and 1987, Sam was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Song Writers’ Hall of Fame. In 2017, “A Change Is Gonna Come” was selected for patronage in the Library of Congress. The National Recording Registry considered the song “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant”.

Relationships: Cook married twice. Her first marriage to Dolores Elizabeth Milligan lasted for five years from 1953 to 1958. The following year, Dolores was killed in a car accident. Although he and Dolores were divorced, Cook paid for his ex-wife’s funeral expenses.

In 1958, Sam married Barbara Campbell. They had three children together, Linda, Tracy and Vincent. His son Vincent died in 1963 at the age of two after drowning in the family’s swimming pool.

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