Safeguard God’s most precious gift: eyes!

Safeguard God’s most precious gift: eyes!

Eyes : Undoubted we are among those lucky people who are blessed with beautiful eyes. Eyes have added colors and vision to our life. Sometimes we forget to take care of these little and precious things which no doubt we all don’t want to loose. In today’s tech savvy world when we can see the gadgets everywhere, the importance of its extra care increases. We should not forget to take good care of them.

In this digital world we cannot keep ourselves away from laptop, computers, iPod, iPad, TV, smart phones. They have become an essential part of our life and consume most of our time.  By using these latest electronic things, it’s our eyes, which suffer the most. While using them, they tend to get tired and turn red.

Beautiful Eyes
Beautiful Eyes

They even get swelled up and watery, which conveys the message to us that they need extra care from us. To avoid such circumstance try to follow this useful advice. With your dependency on gadgets, it increases your responsibility to wash your eyes off and on during the whole day. This will not only keep your eyes fresh but will also help in dealing with the problem of swollen eyes. Besides washing don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well.

3760643151_0a884a9771_bIf you continually work on the computer, then it is advised to consult an eye specialist once in a year.  If your eyes are turning red and you are feeling itching then it is an alarming sign for you to visit an optician at earliest. He will check your eyes and will guide you according to the problem.

Never forget to fix anti-glare screen on your computer screen. It will help you in reducing the worst effects of the screen on the eyes. The gadgets emit blue light which is not at all good for eyes. So it is advised to take regular break from the gadgets.

Formula 20-20-20 will prove beneficial while aiming at taking care of eyes. Always remove your eyes from the computer screen after every 20 minutes for 20 seconds and keep computer 20 inches away from yourself. This formula will help in reducing the harmful effect of the blue light on the eyes.

With an accurate lens we can shelter our eyes. Contact lens keeps the moisture of the eyes intact. Regularly working on computer badly affect the moistness of the eyes, whereas, correct lens helps in maintaining the wetness of the eye.

Apart from these few suggestions one should not forget to do eye exercise. Rub your hands until they get warm, and then put them on your closed eyes. This will relieve you from its tiring. Hold a pen at the hand’s distance and slowly bring it towards your eyes while looking at the tip of the pen, then take it away from your eyes. This simple exercise is very helpful if performed for 5 minutes daily for 3-4 times a day.

16957541017_495ffac863_hOne should not forget the impact of blinking. It plays an important role in keeping the eyes and vision healthy. It will refresh your eyes and maintain the moisture of the eyes. One should not forget the importance of a healthy diet while taking care of the eyes. Consume appropriate dosage of vitamin A, C and E in your diet. They are very valuable for healthy eyes. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially tomato, spinach and other leafy vegetables; fish is also good for eyes as it contains omega-3 which is very beneficial for the eyes. No wonder, healthy diet and exercise will help in minimizing the side effects of gadgets which are an essential part of our life now.

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