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Ryan Smith Net Worth: Ryan Smith is an American businessman and entrepreneur with a net worth of $ 2 billion. Ryan earned his fortune as a co-founder of the online survey company Qualtrix. Today he is best known for owning the NBA’s Utah Jazz. Ryan co-found Qualtrix with his brother and father out of Brigham Young University. He would eventually return to BYU to finish his degree.

Qualtics was acquired by SAP in 2018 for $ 8 billion. Smith served as the company’s CEO.

In 2020 Ryan bought a majority stake in Utah Jazz for $ 1.66 billion. He bought the team from Gayle Miller and his family, while maintaining a minority interest. The Miller family had owned Jazz since 1985 and built a loyal local fan base.

In 2016 Ryan Smith was included in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list. He is a lifetime Utah Jazz fan. Ryan installed a basketball court in his basement and a half-court floor in the Qualtrix headquarters building in Provo, Utah. He plays basketball for one hour every morning. He previously partnered with Jazz to raise $ 25 million for cancer research.

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