Rutherford Falls cast on what’s in store for season 2

There’s no show currently on the air that has as big of a heart, and gets as many laughs, as Peacock‘s Rutherford Falls. The heir to Schitt’s Creek‘s “Most Likable TV Show” title, the series presents a nicer, funnier world than the one we live in, populated by characters the audience cares about and storylines that are about more than just delivering easy punch lines.

A combination of smart and empathetic writing and an ensemble cast you can root for is what makes the show so appealing. In a recent interview with , creator Sierra Teller Ornelas and some of the cast talked about what may happen in season 2, how a Dirty Dancing production number was one of the hardest scenes to shoot for one cast member, and why Rutherford Falls is the most huggable show on TV right now.

: What can viewers expect from season 2 of Rutherford Falls?

Sierra Teller Ornelas (creator/writer/producer): Season 2 is so much fun. I’m so excited for everyone to enjoy season 2 of Rutherford Falls. There is a lot of just wonderful warmth and comedy that audiences enjoyed in season 1. We really lean into the romance this year. I love that Reagan has multiple romances and we get to watch her further ingratiate herself into her community. You see Nathan sort of rebuilding his legacy from scratch and what that looks like. And then you get to see Terry Thomas level up into this higher sort of dream scenario and how that has more pitfalls than he might have anticipated.

It’s rompy, it’s funny, and we also get to lean into sort of TV tropes that I grew up loving, like a holiday episode. They go on a trip together that has some fun elements that have a native comedic specificity.

reagan shows nathan her phone in rutherford falls.

Nathan’s life in the season 1 finale was turned upside down. What’s in store for him in season 2?

Ed Helms (Nathan): Yes, at the end of season 1, Nathan basically has an epic identity crisis. He is thrown for a loop. He has no idea kind of how or where to root himself. At the beginning of season 2, he’s crash landing. It’s not pretty. And he’s still trying to figure out his life and making some dumb choices, but he’s doing it in a hilarious way. And thankfully, he’s got his buddy Reagan to kind of help soften the landing a little bit.

We get to explore more of Reagan in season 2, particularly in the Aunt Sue episode. What should viewers expect to see with Reagan this season?

Jana Schmieding (Reagan): I love that you brought up that episode because it honors the role of the “auntie” in native communities. Our unsung heroes in Indian country are aunties. Reagan is experiencing leadership in her career, her family, and in love and romance. She’s growing, and we get to see the struggles with that type of growth and how clumsy it can be to step into your power.

The heart of the show is Nathan and Reagan’s friendship. How has their relationship changed in season 2?

Helms: You know, it got tested pretty hard at the end of season 1. I think the fact that they’re still there for each other is really part of the beauty of that friendship. … they also know one another better than anybody. And so they can kind of push each other’s buttons in all the great ways. But how is it different? [Looks at Jana] How would you say it’s different?

Schmieding: I feel like maybe we see in season 2 that Nathan and Reagan are a little bit more like family than they are like friends. They have that kind of closeness where it’s like, I can’t get rid of you even if I wanted to. [Laughs] We get to see that shade of their friendship and how they’re really going to bat for each other in the darkest of times. And for that reason, I think their friendship has only gotten stronger.

What can viewers expect as Bobbie’s political ambitions come to the forefront in season 2?

Jesse Leigh (Bobbie): In season 2, we see Bobbie run for mayor of Rutherford Falls, which is a big step up from season 1 when he was Nathan’s executive intern. With him in this mayoral race, we see Bobbie prep for all the debates that go on and you see more of the ferocious side of Bobbie come out that the fans loved in season one.