Russian Billionaire Would Rather Burn His Money Than Pay His Ex-Wife’s Divorce Settlement

Wow, Farhad Akhamedov doesn’t really want to pay the divorce settlement given to his ex-wife Tatiana Akhamedova. She was awarded a $ 572 million award by a London court in late 2016, when their 20-year marriage broke up. It has been a few years that the divorce settlement fell short and Farhad Akhamedov is still trying to end it. He literally said in an email to his son Taimur that he would rather burn his money than Tatiana. Shocked, his son agrees. His vitriol on his east side is unmatched. Recently, a 2015 email sent to his son was revealed. In it, he wrote that he “wanted to be a free man by cutting his ex-wife’s balls.” Attractive.

When Tatiana met Farrakhad, she was 17 and she was 34. They married in 1993 when she was 21 and pregnant. Shortly after marrying he moved to England. Farhad tried to claim that he divorced Tatiana in Moscow in 2000. The courts of London were not with him. If that outrageous claim would have arisen, Tatiana would not have been entitled to the money that Farrakhad had made since 2000, which constitutes the bulk of the former couple’s total assets. Farhad sold its shares in ZAO Northgas in 2013 for $ 1.375 billion. The couple lived a luxurious lifestyle while getting married. He lived in a $ 54.4 million house in Surrey and had a $ 39 million vacation home. Their art collection was worth $ 125 million and the couple had a private jet worth $ 58.7 million. Akhmedov also owned a $ 420 million, 377-foot Super Yacht. Tatiana was honored that in the settlement of divorce.

Timur Akhmedov, son of Russian billionaire Farhad Akhmedov and Tatiana Akhmedova, (Photo by TOLGA AKMEN / AFP via Getty Image)

Their marriage broke up in 2013 and ended in 2014. Tatiana’s lawyers claim that since then, Farhad has done everything he can to ensure his ex-wife, the mother of his two children, gets nothing from him. He shifted all his assets to offshore accounts to conceal them during the divorce and trial hearings. As part of the divorce settlement, the judge ordered the transfer of the couple’s assets, including art collections, to a fund in Liechtenstein. As stated earlier, Farhad made his fortune while marrying Tatiana. He was a fur coat seller prior to the sale of shares in ZAO Northgas.

Tatiana is working tirelessly in search of money given by her ex-husband. He also sued his son Temur, alleging that he helped hide his father’s assets and owed him $ 50 million. Temur believes his mother’s claim should be rejected. Timur calls his mother a bitch and accuses her of ruining her life. He also claims that both his parents cheated on each other as they grew up. Timur promised the courts that he would appear in the London trial. He was in one of his homes in Dubai. Instead, he flew to Russia to escape the court case.

Tatiana is still trying to find property that is hidden from her east. So far, Tatiana has received only one penny from the divorce settlement, $ 5.7 million from the sale of a helicopter owned by her ex-husband. He continues to claim in the past that the English courts should have no jurisdiction over him or his ex-wife because they are not British. However, they have lived in England since the early 1990s. Tatiana suspects that a number of her former possessions were transferred to her son. He was empowered to search his apartment and access his son’s email.

This is the case going on and will soon enter their next drama of the sixth year between the former duo.

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