Rushka Bergman: the interview for L’Uomo

Rushka Bergman: the interview for L’Uomo

“I was at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris, between shows during fashion week. I was there drinking tea or a cappuccino, I don’t remember which. Franca Sozzani was sitting nearby. She was resting too. We had never met before. Then a mutual friend of ours came up and introduced us. Franca said to me, ‘I like your jacket [a black Balenciaga]. ’That’s how it all began. We started talking and she asked me for my phone number. I never imagined that just seven days later she would call me to ask, ‘Could you fly to Singapore and do a photo shoot of some artists for the art issue?’ Naturally, I agreed. “

These are the words of Rushka Bergman, a fashion editor, moviemaker and artist. Hailing from Serbia, she contributed to The Fashion Man for over a decade, starting in 2007. She created cover stories featuring people like Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and Michael Jackson – she was Jackson’s personal stylist and creative consultant. “I brought the great celebrities to The man. I contacted them and organized the photo shoots, worked on the sets and introduced my creativity. And everything went smoothly. Franca and I never disagreed. Our working relationship was easy going. She never once knocked on my work. She just said “Bravissima!” Cover after cover. ” Rushka continues: “For years The Fashion Man filled a gap. There was no menswear magazine on that high level. “

Was it hard as a woman working for a men’s magazine? “When you’re an artist it hardly matters whether you’re a woman or a man. To a stylist, it’s much the same. The only discriminating factor is taste. Either you have it or you don’t. It’s something you have within you, whatever country you come from. There are no barriers and no borders. It’s a universal language. And it’s powerful. ” The most complex part of her work was “always managing to choose clothes that pushed celebrities to try something new without going too far. They had to be just right to enable you to get the best photo. ”

Did she ever feel overawed by a super celebrity? “No. The bigger the person, the more confident they are, and working with them gets easier. Steven Spielberg, for instance, turned up on the set without a manager or agent and we were able to get through it all very quickly. The younger they are, the more complicated it gets. They have a crowd of people in tow – publicists, agents, managers – who all want to have their say. “

Which was the cover she loved the most? “Michael Jackson. He was special. The number one show business character in recent years. And after him, finding other celebrities for The man was even easier. “

Opening photograph by Francesco Carrozzini, from L’Uomo Fashion’s archive.

The Man, n. 8, May 2020

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