Rugged Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch is a great gift for Dad at $112

Rugged Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch is a great gift for Dad at $112

Rugged Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch is a great gift for Dad at $112. I’ve been a fan of the Amazfit Bip Budget Smartwatch for a long time. But the name? A little too cute. How about something more male-like Razor or Stealth or … T-Rex! Now we’re talking. In fact, I like the latest wearable from Amazfit, just because of its wild nickname. Fortunately, it’s also a really cool watch and an absolute bargain with this exclusive promo code: Cheapskate readers can get it for a limited time Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch for $ 112 with code CNET20. Regular price: $ 140.

The T-Rex is a large observe; thick, chunky, and sturdy, with a dozen different military certifications for things like heat, cold, and moisture resistance. Thanks to its Gorilla Glass 3 display, it can accompany you into the shower or pool and withstand hard impacts. Despite all of this, it feels fairly light on your wrist, thanks in part to the all-plastic bezel. Still, I wouldn’t want to wear it in bed, despite the sleep tracking features. It’s just too big.

Rugged Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch
Rugged Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch


Speaking of functions, the T-Rex does pretty much everything. It can monitor your heart rate and give warnings if your ticker beats too fast. It can control music playback and find your phone. It offers dozens of different analog and digital watch faces, many of which are beautiful. There is also a constantly available display option, although Amazfit notes that this “significantly shortens battery life”.

This battery can last up to 20 days, although the use of features such as GPS and the above-mentioned display will of course affect this. But even if you have five days, for example? That is still better than most.

The Amazfit app is the weak link in this equation. It’s uncomfortable and not intuitive – not impossible to find out, but definitely Polish. (There are three main screens, including one labeled “Enjoy.” Huh?) I also found that almost all of the phone notifications on the watch worked well, but iOS reminders didn’t. You will receive a notification, but it just says “see phone”.

Aside from this lack, the T-Rex is a pretty cute watch, something I think any father would seriously dig up as a Father’s Day gift. It’s a solid deal at $ 140, but I like it even more at $ 112.

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This 60-watt USB-C charger only costs $ 6

Charge a phone and a laptop (or Nintendo Switch) at the same time. Fortunately, the wall charger from Lecone is not shown to scale here.


Do you have a Nintendo Switch? Or a laptop that supports charging via USB-C? Then I bet you can use a spare charger, ideally one with folding tines to make traveling easier.

Let’s go: For a limited time and while stocks last, it is Lecone’s 60-watt USB-C charger only costs $ 6 with promo code IC7DJNSS. Regular price: $ 20.

This power supply has a USB-C connector with power supply and a USB 3.0 QuickCharge connector. The former is designed for switches, laptops and similar devices. The latter is good for phones and pretty much anything else that charges via standard USB.

If you only use the USB-C port, you get 60 watts of charging power. Use both ports and USB-C drops to 42 watts – which just means that it takes a little longer to charge the device.

There are tons of similar adapters on Amazon, but I’ve never seen such a dual port for just $ 6.


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