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Roto Rasp – New Sanding Disc for Sanding Wood, Plastic, Rubber and Other Soft Materials

Roto Rasp is designed for frustration with sandpaper-based sanding tools. Its clever design prevents it from getting clogged, so there is no overheating, just regular continuous work. It is resistant and reusable several times (high quality nitrided steel). It is available in 3 tooth sizes: coarse (2.5 mm teeth), medium (2.0 mm teeth) and fine (1.5 mm teeth) used depending on the hardness of the material and the required finish. It is faster, more efficient and easier to use than existing sanders or abrasive wheels. It is ideal for larger sanding jobs, fences, joists, sanding wooden floors, brilliant for sanding plastic, rubber and other soft materials. It is an excellent tool for removing paint. No matter how many layers of paint or varnish you need to remove, Roto Rasp will do it in a few strokes and leave the bare wood behind.

It would work perfectly on any type of wood, even on railway slippers or old joists, on any old and stained wood. All debris will disperse and never block the disc. Therefore, it does not heat up, so there is no need to stop working. This makes it ideal for any wood restoration work; sanding wooden floors, especially in hard-to-reach areas, near baseboards, near radiator pipes, etc.; renovation of wooden and plastic boats.

The speed with which Roto Rasp will remove layers of paint or varnish makes it an indispensable tool for removing paint for large sanding jobs. Forget sandpaper or aluminum oxide discs, there is currently no other abrasive disc on the market that can match its performance.

There are a number of companies that have recognized the advantages of using Roto Rasp in their production: plastic pipe manufacturers, construction contractors, wood restoration companies, wooden floor sanding companies, carpenters, boat restorers , plumbing companies, art studios and many others.

The Roto rasp is an incredible woodworking tool and an excellent complete aid for many sanding jobs (such as removing old window fillers). Roto Rasp will save you a lot of time and effort. Its advantages over existing sanding tools have been recognized at 10 fairs across Europe, where it has won gold and silver medals for being the best innovative tool. It is an indispensable artisan tool, one of the best abrasives you can find on the market.

It will soon be available for large 230 mm angle grinders.


by Tim T Best

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