Rose Vega Shows Traditional House Blessing Party In Reno Home

Rose Vega, who was once poverty-stricken, had a house blessing party for her two-story house. She cooked several mouth-watering dishes for the guests.

Rose Vega from 90 Day Fiance is finally done with the renovations in her new house, and she recently had a house blessing party, which was documented for her YouTube channel. Many fans remember that when Rose first appeared on the show, she was struggling financially and was staying with her family in a one-bedroom house. Her then-boyfriend Big Ed unintentionally ended up embarrassing her by saying that her home didn’t have windows and doors. During a confessional, Ed said that he was “miserable” living there because it rained all night, and he was dripping in the rainwater.

Thanks to Rose’s reality TV fame and massive social media following, she is now able to earn a high income through her various endeavors. She has over half a million followers on Instagram, which helped her get several modeling gigs. Rose also launched a YouTube channel, which now has over 600K subscribers. Such a huge following must be helping her get a handsome paycheck every month. She is now living in a big, beautiful house, which has two floors. She had a traditional house blessing party and filmed the house, which was decorated with several balloons. She wrote “blessing,” with a golden-colored foil toy balloon.

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Rose said that in the Philippines, it is tradition to do a house blessing once the new house construction or renovation is completed. It is done to express gratitude toward the Lord, who helped a person save money and build a house. Rose revealed all the preparation she and her relatives were doing for the house blessing party. She took some great shots of her family members cooking mouth-watering food for the party. They prepared a Philippine meat stew called Kaldereta, chicken, spring rolls, rice, noodles, Philippine adobo, and a roasted pig.

The single mama then took a shower and got ready for the celebrations. She changed into a white crop top, blue denim jeans and kept her hair down. While waiting for the priest, she told her YouTube family that they would be taking the COVID-19 precautions by wearing face masks throughout the party. After the priest arrived, he read a prayer, and then all guests lit candles. The priest sprinkled holy water in all the corners of the house. The YouTube video has over 80K views and over 6K likes. The new homeowner Rose received tons of congratulatory messages from many 90 Day Fiance fans.

Some of the comments read, “It’s amazing how much Rose has accomplished,” “You know Rose is finally well off when you see lechon in her party,” and “This woman shows us – its not from where you start but where you go!” A fan also commented on Rose’s look and said that she has started to look like Jennifer Lopez. A few days back, Rose did a photoshoot, which shocked many 90 Day Fiance fans because she looked exactly like J-Lo. What will Rose do to shock her fans next?

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