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Room Décor Can Have a Healing Effect – How to recover faster at home after an accident?

Getting hurt can affect you both physically and mentally, so recovery can become challenging. So, how to do it effectively, especially when you stay at home? 

Injuries are common, they can occur from sports, accidents falls, trips, slips, and so on. Thus, it’s essential to recover from them properly. Aside from receiving treatment, it’s essential to know how to recover on your own after an accident.

If you’re about to spend a couple of weeks at home until your injuries are fully recovered, it’s essential to consider the following aspects to enjoy a full recovery after the accident. Also, if you need a compensation calculator UK to determine how much compensation you deserve, don’t hesitate on contacting a law firm to ask for advice. 

Getting hurt
Getting hurt


For an effective recovery after an accident, the first thing to consider is having enough sunlight in the room, a window view, green plants, and so on. Dark rooms with plain walls promote feelings of sadness, making a person feel lonely and lifeless. However, design experts and health providers decided it was about time find ways to make a patient recover better in their personal space. 

Whether it’s about an ill patient or a child recovering from a surgery, there are things that can be done with the surroundings to make a loved one feel better. Because of short-stays at the hospital, a parent’s or a relative’s responsibility is to make sure the recovery is significantly better than in hospitals or clinics. 

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Lighting, big windows, furniture, decors, and color can play a major role in how people with injuries feel. Interior designers who specialize in healthcare design can provide tips on how to creating a healing environment. Healing spaces can reduce stress, making a patient happier, and even improving health and well-being. It’s important to make a room feel cozier, turning it into a healing space with just a few basic changes based on healing principles. 

Use warm, natural light, as much as possible. Avoid too bright, artificial light makes a room look cold. However, it’s important to use window adjusters to control the level of light in the room. If needed, put a reading lamp by the bed. Ensure the patient is able to control the amount of light needed in the room. 

Bring Nature Inside

But keep it natural. Trees, water, or gardens are viewed as scenes of relaxation. If viewed for a couple of minutes, patient’s tensed muscles start to relax and the blood pressure drops, according to studies published by the journal Science in 1987. When looking at the trees, waterfalls, and green lawns, instead of brick walls, patients tend to be less nostalgic and sad. So, consider adding plants to the recovery room, and position them closer to the bed, so the person can touch and smell them. 

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Houseplants are great to clean the air inside homes and offices, but they also have other health benefits, like improving immune system. Plants can eliminate toxins in the air, helping boosting overall wellbeing. For example, aloe vera has incredible properties for human health. Allow the plant to sit in a warm area where natural light exists. Also, you could add something that represents nature on the walls. Don’t exaggerate, just some abstract artwork will uplift the patient’s spirit. 

A small fountain in the room, or a machine with nature sounds are going to give te space a touch of forests feelings and relaxation. 

Consider Colours 

If the patient is a kid, there must be a bit of colour in the room. Make sure that you don’t make the room look clinically white. Predominantly, you must borrow colours from nature, such as kaki, pale green, moss, pale peach, sand, and sky blue. These colours tend to relax the patient, so don’t be afraid of using them altogether. As mentioned, be careful with how white the room looks. Some people, especially kids, don’t feel comfortable in the hospital, so make sure you create a friendly, colorfoul environment to achieve fast recovery. 

Consider Furniture

Picture this: you’ve been discharged from the hospital, and finally you’re going home. You feel comfortable to sleep in your cosy bed, but the rest of the room doesn’t differentiate much from the hospital. So, update your furniture and layout. Most rooms look more or less the same. Some of the spaces can become highly uncomfortable for an injured person who has to spend several weeks isolated. Being forced to stay in a hard bed or chair with your back arched, watching TV all day makes patients feel like they’re being held hostage. 

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Try a child-friendly corner to keep children entertained. Also, the style, colour, and material of the furniture reflects the patient’s mood. Seating is also an important aspect if we’re referring to patients who aren’t able to walk due to the accident. You might opt for modern furniture with clean lines, neutral colours, and natural materials. The room must look modern, be inviting, and have plenty of natural light. The room’s design must be minimal and serene, helping the patient feel comfortable and relaxed. Warm-looking wood with walnut or cherry finishes is also a great option: avoid metal-looking furniture, they totally give a hospital feeling. 

The bed is the star of the night – so, choose soft bedding made from cotton with warm colors and patterns, not blank white-looking bedsheets. If liquid spills, try fabric that’s easy to clean. The room’s furniture must be functional, accessible, and easy to use. 

Also, the room must be accessed only by a caregiver and family members. You should also ensure that the patient has day changing clothes, underwear, socks, and shoes. If visitors come, make sure you provide them with a bedside chair that’s suitable for any height and size. Keep a medical equipment in the closet, so caregivers and visitors use it. 

If you’ve been hurt in an accident and need a cosy and warm place to recover faster, maybe coming home from the hospital is the right choice. Read these instructions carefully, and make sure you do your best so that your loved one heals quickly and properly.

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