Roger Federer Makes $1 Million Donation Towards Meals For Children In Africa

Tennis star Roger Federer gives back through his nonprofit foundation as a result of the lawsuit coronavirus pandemic. One of the less reported side effects of the virus is related to school closings – in particular, the lack of meals for students who may depend on school for at least one square meal a day. This is the area on which Federer has chosen to focus as part of his foundation to improve education in Africa and in his native Switzerland.

A tweet from the official Roger Federer Foundation Twitter account announced the million-dollar commitment:

“Covid-19 is a global health and economic crisis. As a humanitarian effort, the Roger Federer Foundation has awarded one million dollars to provide nutritious meals to 64,000 vulnerable young children and their families through our partners in Africa during the school closings. “

Christopher Lee / Getty Images

The Roger Federer Foundation was created in 2004 with the aim of “enabling[ing] parents and local communities to provide these children with the opportunity to receive a good education “, although this million-dollar donation is more focused on providing food for children, it is still linked to the goals of the ‘organization.

Efforts like Federer’s will likely be needed in the near future, as schools in many parts of the world remain closed in order to slow the spread of the virus. Professional sports – such as Federer’s specialty, for example – also face numerous cancellations and postponements.

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