Rocket League’s New Car & Rocket Pass For Season 3 Revealed In Trailer

The all-new content for Rocket League Season 3 has been revealed in a trailer online, including the new Tyranno car and plenty of new cosmetics!

The all-new Rocket League Season 3 content has been revealed. This includes new cars and a Rocket Pass, which have all been unveiled in a new trailer. Season 3 will feature even more high-speed cars and racing-themed cosmetics, with over 70 tiered items available to be unlocked. After Season 2 was extended into April, Rocket League players are eagerly anticipating the new season and all its new content.

Rocket League is a rocket-powered car soccer game where players control cars to try and score a goal with a single ball in an arena. Teams of up to 3 players work together, throwing their vehicles across the arena and in the air to pull off crazy stunts and score points by getting the ball in the opposing team’s goal. The game went free-to-play in September 2020, with over 9 million players registered online. An official esports league was started in 2016 and is still running to this day.  

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The Tyranno, the newest car coming in Season 3, was featured in the release announcement from Rocket League. The Tyranno is a high-speed octane car for players who like to play fast and furious. The Tyranno is the first item to be unlocked on the new Rocket Pass for Season 3, with players who buy the Premium pass will unlock the new car immediately. Premium pass members will also earn additional weekly and seasonal challenges, along with an XP boost that will help players earn high-tier rewards even faster. The Season 3 Rocket Pass will be available to purchase on April 7, with Season 3 officially beginning on April 6 at 4 PM PDT/11 PM UTC.

Season 3 of Rocket League is going to be all about speed, with most of the items and new cars built around going fast and looking good while going fast. In addition to new cars, items such as the Chequered Flag Goal Explosions, Traction Wheels, and Retrogression Animated Decal are all being added to the game. Pro Tiers are also being overhauled in the new season, with tiers beyond 70 no longer being hidden. Players will now be able to see items earned above these higher-tier rewards at least 30 levels beyond the player’s tier. Pro tiers will also be available to purchase once again in season 3.

The addition of all these new items is an exciting new time for Rocket League players, many of which have been eagerly awaiting new content to be added to the game for some time now. With news that NASCAR and Formula One are teaming with Rocket League to create new in-game items for the Battle Royale game, players have a lot to look forward to when the new season begins. Season 3 for Rocket League should bring back players who have been stagnating on the game for a while now, with a fresh new batch of ripe content to sink their teeth into. 

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