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Robert Palmer, the iconic British pop singer and songwriter, had an estimated net worth of $19 million at the time of his death in 2003. He achieved commercial success over a career that spanned three decades and earned a significant source of income through royalties from songs such as “Simply Irresistible”, “Addicted to Love”, and “Every Kind of People”.

Additionally, Robert Palmer released 11 studio albums which further contributed to his wealth. After Robert Palmer tragically passed away due to a heart attack, his music remains hugely popular and is still heard on radio stations around the world. It is thanks to his artistry and creativity that Robert Palmer was able to build an impressive fortune throughout his lifetime.

How much is Robert Palmer’s net worth?

Robert Palmer was a British singer-songwriter, musician and songwriter who died with a net worth in excess of $10 million. Robert Palmer was a musician who achieved international fame and fortune. His distinctive voice and unique ability to mix soul, jazz and rock with reggae and blues made him a sought-after performer.

Palmer was born in Batley, England on 19 January 1949. His childhood was spent in Malta, where his father was a British naval intelligence officer. He began learning guitar at the age of 12 right after his return to England. He joined “Data”, a jazz band that he formed in 1969. The band eventually signed to Island Records. Before disbanding in March 1974, the band released three albums: Vinegar Joe (1972), Six Star General (1973), and Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies (1972). In the same year, Palmer also signed a solo contract with Island Records.

In 1974, he saw the release his first solo album “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley”. He released “Pressure Drop” after he and his family moved to New York in 1975. He would release 11 more studio albums, each one making its mark in the world of music.

Robert was first known for his 1978 album “Double Fun”, but it was his 1985 album, “Riptide,” that made him a star. The album’s lead single, “Addicted To Love”, was a huge hit thanks to its memorable music video that was broadcast non-stop on MTV. He won a Grammy for the song. 1988’s “Heavy Nova” was his next album. It featured the single “Simply Irresistible”, which earned him a second Grammy Award in 1988.

Robert Palmer, unfortunately, died in Paris on September 26, 2003. His death was caused by a heart attack. He was 54 years of age.

Early Life

Palmer was born in Yorkshire, England on January 19, 1949. His family moved to Malta when he was just a few months old. There, his father worked as a naval intelligence officer. When Palmer was 12, his family moved back to the United Kingdom. His love for blues, soul and jazz music, which was available on American Forces Radio in Malta, had a significant influence.

When Palmer was just a teenager, his family moved to Scarborough. At the age of 15, he attended Scarborough High School For Boys. He joined his first band, The Mandrakes. The following year, he left Scarborough High School for Boys to attend the Scarborough School of Art & Design. He was interested in a career as an artist. He returned to music, however.


Palmer was first introduced to the music business in 1969 when Jess Roden, the singer, left The Alan Bown set. Palmer was invited to London by the band to perform on their new single “Gypsy Girl.” Palmer recorded the vocals for the album that Roden had been working on after the single’s success. In 1970, Palmer joined the 12-piece jazz/rock fusion band Dada. The following year, he founded Vinegar Joe, Elkie Brooks, and Pete Gage. They released three albums together.

Palmer signed a solo contract with Island Records in 1974. He released his first solo album that year, “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley.” The album was recorded in New Orleans, and it did better in America than the UK. He released “Pressure Drop”, his second album with stronger reggae influences, the next year. To promote the album, he toured with Little Feat.

His second album, “Some People Can Do Whatever They Like,” was not a huge success. Palmer moved to Nassau, Bahamas in order to refine his sound. He released “Double Fun” in 1978. It was a collection Caribbean-inspired rock. The album reached the Top 50 on the US Billboard charts. One of his singles, “Every Kinda People,” also made it to the Top 20 Singles Charts.


His next album, “Secrets,” was a departure in his previous sound and emphasized pure rock. 1979’s “Secrets” produced “Bad Case of Loving You”, which was another top 20 hit. He released “Clues” the following year, which was a hit in both the United States as well as in the United Kingdom. His synth-wave sound allowed him to reach younger listeners. In 1982, he released the EP “Some Guys have All the Luck”.

He was able to find more work in the producer’s role as Palmer became more successful. Desmond Dekker, a Jamaican ska legend, worked with Palmer on his 1981 album “Compass Point”, and later helped to produce John Martyn’s album a few years later.

Palmer released “Pride” in 1983. He also performed at a charity concert with Duran Duran in 1983 and made friends with several members of the band. The Power Station was formed in 1985 by Andy Taylor (the band’s guitarist) and John Taylor (bassist). Tony Thompson, a former drummer of Chic, joined the group.

Soon after, the group released their eponymous album. It was a success on both sides of Atlantic, and produced the hit songs “Some Like It Hot” (Bang a Gong). Palmer performed only one live performance with the band for “Saturday Night Live”. While Palmer was focusing on his solo career, the band toured with Michael Des Barres, who performed as the lead singer.

In 1985, Palmer recorded “Riptide,” his first album. It featured the single “Addicted To Love”, which peaked at number one in the United States, and 5 in the United Kingdom. This song was also featured prominently in “Cocktail,” a Tom Cruise movie.

Later Career

Palmer moved to Lugano in Switzerland, where he set up his recording studio. He also began to experiment with bossa Nova rhythms. His 1990 album, “Don’t explain”, was his next step in experimentation. He released “Honey” in 1994, and then a greatest hits album was released in 1995.

Palmer was nominated for multiple Grammy Awards throughout his career. He also received MTV Video Music Awards and Brit Awards nominations. His style was also well-known. He was voted the best-dressed rock singer by Rolling Stone in 1990.

Death and Personal Life

Palmer and Sue met at Slough’s railway station in 1969. Palmer fell in love with her for her silver minidress and matching boots. She was also reading science fiction books. Two years later, the couple married and had two children. In the mid-1970s, the family moved to New York City and then to the Bahamas. They also lived in Lugano (Switzerland) for a time. The couple split in 1993. Although he did not remarry, he did have a long-term relationship that lasted with Mary Ambrose.

Palmer, who was in Paris at the time of his heart attack, died on September 3, 2003. He was 54 years of age. Palmer, unlike other rock musicians was not known for his rock n’roll lifestyle. His only vice was smoking. Duran Duran was among the many artists who paid tribute to Palmer and his contribution to British music after his death.

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