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River Rafting In Kalimpong: Kalimpong is a beautiful district located in West Bengal, India. This quaint city embellishes on the summit of the Himalayan mountain range and is surrounded by amazing views of the Kanchenjunga mountain. Kalimpong is one of the top places in West Bengal where you can come across many Buddhist monasteries. High passes, lakes, and rivers provide a natural aura like no other place. Deolo Hills, Morgan House, Pine View Nursery, Darpin Monastery and Phodong Monastery are the best attractions that tourists can pay a visit to visit in Kalimpong. Apart from myriad natural and Buddhist sites, Kalimpong is also flanked by a different group of tourists who seek thrilling sports and adventure.

Kalimpong offers a wide spectrum of adventure sports such as paragliding, river rafting and mountain biking to the tourists who visit here throughout the year. White water River Rafting in Kalimpong One of them is the most popular, and in today’s blog, we will discuss it. Keep reading to know more about the details.

Best time for river rafting in Kalimpong

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Summer months between April and June are ideal times to visit Kalimpong. Every season is unique in this small town and brings a new experience to the travellers. Many people like to visit Kalimpong from October to December to enjoy the cold weather. October literally means when the monsoon ends, and the weather begins to freeze. When you travel here during November and December, the winter season in full swing, with an average temperature of 4 ° C to 6 ° C on most days. Snowfall in this part of the mountains is rare, but the temperature can go below 2 ° C. This is why this is not the time when you will want to travel for white water rafting in Kalimpong during winter.

April to June, as we have already mentioned, is the peak time to visit Kalimpong. The summer season is set for the end of March and continues till the end of June or until the end. During this time, the weather is pleasant and very pleasing, making it easy for all travellers to move around and do sightseeing. Temperatures range anywhere between 25 ° C to 28 ° C, and there is sufficient sunlight throughout the day. However, the evenings are cold and windy. For white water rafting, this is an ideal time when you can visit Teesta for sport.

Before booking white water rafting in Kalimpong, be sure to double-check the weather during the monsoon season. It is mostly a light rain with a light storm. Rafting should not be done during the monsoon season in Kalimpong.

Best place for river rafting in Kalimpong

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River rafting is a very popular water sports and adventure activity in Kalimpong. This has surprisingly become one of the most sought after experiences in the region over the years. Teesta is the main river on which white water is visited when it is in Kalimpong. Mountain slopes and lush green vegetation all around. You can see birds, fish and various animals en route to Teesta. There are several points along the river from where you can begin your rafting journey. Each ride is for a specific period of time. The cost also depends on the level of travel you choose and the duration of the trip.

River rafting in Teesta is ideal for those who want to participate in water sports activities other than rafting. This brings new excitement to all adventure lovers in Kalimpong. The Ghani River’s dense natural vegetation and pristine blue waters make way for the most memorable rafting trip. The normal route of the rafting course is from Meili Bridge and Gilkhola in Kalimpong. The Teesta River promises a spectacular river rafting trip in Cushingong.

The average cost for rafting in Kalimpong

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The cost of river rafting in Kalimpong depends on a few factors – the duration of the trip, the course of the rafting trip, the number of people aboard the ship and a few others. But, the average cost of rafting in the Teesta River is anywhere between Rs. 1500 to Rs.500. However, prices may vary in peak season.

Tips for Rafting in Kalimpong

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River rafting is a little bit risky. Take a look at some important tips that will help you in your river rafting in Kalimpong Yatra.

  • Ensure all about local agencies working in this area for river rafting. Get some feedback and reviews from people who have already gone river rafting in Kalimpong. This will help you catch the best agency to offer a river rafting tour.
  • Learning about hand commands and signs is a very important thing to learn before the journey begins. You need to check them all with your guide and make sure that you understand the importance of all signs.
  • Before leaving for travel, you should take sunscreen lotion and apply it to your skin. It helps protect your skin from the sun’s rays and helps keep it properly moisturized until the journey’s end.
  • Always wear clothes that make you comfortable. Wearing comfortable clothes allows you to do movements more easily and more easily. Do not wear jewellery or anything that gets entangled with your body.

What to Pack for Rafting in Kalimpong

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When you are going white water rafting in Kalimpong, you will need to pack some important things. It would help if you had some dry shorts or a bathing suit to wear during the trip. These clothes are comfortable and allow you to make free movement. Sturdy and non-slippery shoes are a must-have during a rafting tour. Avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops when on a boat. Be sure to bring a different pair of clothes and shoes to get down from the boat.

These are the top river rafting tips you need to know when going river rafting in Kalimpong. Kalimpong gives an additional advantage by being situated on the perch just above the Teesta River. Tourists from all over the place make a place to spend a few days in Kalimpong on their vacation in West Bengal.

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