RIP To The Billionaires Who Died In 2020

2020 will be remembered as the year when we all lost so much. The coronovirus epidemic has shaken the world, closed our cities and towns, and claimed nearly two million lives to date. Outside of that, the rhythm of life continues and people die from what we can now call the “common” cause – that is, aging, illness, accidents, and other things that have nothing to do with Kovid-19 . In 2020, 16 billionaires died and which, surprisingly, given the current climate, it seems that none of them contracted Kovid-19. In fact, the only known billionaire to contract coronavirus is Donald Trump, and, as we all know, he survived his battle with the deadly virus. This death toll is less than the death of 23 billionaires in 2019. Alas, 2021 has already claimed a notable billionaire: casino magnate Sheldon Adelson died this week. Of the 16 billionaires who died in 2020, nine were self-made, one inherited their fortune, and the other six inherited and then developed it in their own way.

Sumer Redstone (photo by Charlie Gale / Getty Images)

Edmund Ansin

Sunbeam television

Citizenship: United States

Age: 84

Net worth: $ 1.4 billion

Death: July 2020

In 1962, Edmund Ansin’s father bought Miami’s WSVN Channel 7, an NBC affiliate, for $ 3.4 million. Edmund became the president of Sunbeam Television in 1971 after his father’s death. This station previously practiced “if it bleeds,” this TV journalism style focused primarily on crime and similar consumer-interest stories.

Dmitry Bosov

Sibanthraceite group

Citizenship: Russia

Age: 52

Net worth: $ 1.1 billion

Death: May 2020

Dmitry Bosov controlled the Russian coal giant Sibanthracite Group. He was with Vladimir Putin and often played hockey with the Russian president. He was found in a private suicide by his wife Katerina in Moscow with a gunshot wound in a suspected suicide, however, her adult sons believe she was murdered.

Eduardo Konjanangco

San Miguel

Citizenship: Philippines

Age: 85

Net worth: $ 1 billion

Death: June 2020

Eduardo Conjanango was the president of San Miguel’s food and infrastructure group since 1998.

Aloysio de andrade faria

Banco Real

Citizenship: Brazil

Age: 99

Net worth: $ 3.4 billion

Death: September 2020

Aloysio de Andread Faria was a pediatrician who, after his sudden death in 1949, had to turn his father into the family bank. Once he took control of Banco Real, Faria transformed the bank into one of Brazil’s most successful banks. In 1998, he sold his Banco Real to Dutch bank ABN Amro for $ 2.1 billion.

Manuel Jove

Fadessa inmobilaria

Citizenship: Spain

Age: 78

Net worth: $ 2.5 billion

Death: May 2020

Manuel Juve, a carpenter in the business, started his own business in the late 1970s. With private capital, mostly by Jove itself, FIDSA INMOBEGUTIA has become the largest independent real estate group in Spain. In 2004, Jove made the company public, while two years later it sold its 55% stake to real estate conglomerate Martins for $ 3 billion. He seemed to have sold it just before the Spanish real estate bubble collapsed.

Hey Kirk

Coke holding

Citizenship: Turkey

Age: 79

Net worth: $ 2.2 billion

Death: September 2020

Suna Kirac was the youngest daughter of Vehbi Koc, the founder of Koc Holding. Suna has held various positions in her family’s Istanbul-based company, which was founded in 1926. Coke Holding is Turkey’s largest industrial conglomerate. Not only was she born into a wealthy family, she married an equally wealthy and successful husband as the owner of Carson – one of three companies that made the final round in the New York cab tender with Ford and Nissan .

Lee Kun-hee

Samsung Group

Citizenship: South Korea

Age: 78

Net worth: $ 20 billion

Death: October 2020

Lee Kun-hee was president of Samsung’s huge conglomerate, which has interests in television, mobile phones, computer chips, IT services, theme parks and fashion. He took over the family business in 1987 after the death of his father, the company’s founder, Lee Byung-Chull. He developed the company in the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s with computer chips, flat-screen televisions and smartphones. He was convicted in 1996 of bribing the President of South Korea and tax evasion nearly a decade later. He was pardoned in both cases. He had a heart attack in 2014 and was dissatisfied since then. His son, JY Lee, has run Samsung since 2014.

Whitney macmillan

Kargil Inc.

Citizenship: United States

Age: 90

Net worth: $ 4.3 billion

Death: March 2020

Whitney McMillian was the former president and CEO of Cargill, the agribusiness he took over when he ran a family business and he developed it into a global institution. He ran the company for 44 years. He was made CEO and chairman of the board in 1976 and retired in 1995 at 65 years. McMillan was the last member of the family to serve as the company’s chief executive. During his time as the company’s chief executive officer, it grew from a $ 10 billion corporation to a corporation costing upwards of $ 133 billion in revenue per year. He achieved this through diversifying the company’s holdings and investments. Through his vision Kargil climbed to the top of the grain industry, and became the largest privately held corporation in the world.

Manuel Moroun

Ambassador bridge

Citizenship: United States

Age: 93

Net worth: $ 1.79 billion

Death: July 2020

Manuel Moroun was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Centra, Inc. Centra controlled Ambassador Bridge, which was bought by Mr. Moroun from the former owners, the Bower family, in the late ’70s. The bridge is a busy border crossing between Canada and the United States. At its peak, the privately owned bridge was valued between $ 1.5 to $ 3 billion. In addition to owning the bridge, Moroun also controlled several shipping companies, including Central Transport International and Universal Truck Load Services, Inc.

Sumer Redstone

Viacom / CBS

Citizenship: United States

Age: 97

Net worth: $ 2.6 billion

Death: August 2020

Sumner Redstone was known as the majority owner of what is today known as Viacom / CBS. Sumer controlled about 80% of Viacom / CBS through the holding company National Amusement. Some of the brands he controls include MTV, BET, Showtime, Comedy Central and Paramount Pictures.

Randall Rollins

Rollins, Inc.

Citizenship: United States

Age: 88

Net worth: $ 5 billion

Death: August 2020

Rollins Inc. was started in 1948 by John W. Rollins and his brother O. By Wayne Rollins as Rollins Broadcasting. The company includes a television station, radio station, Western Paste Services and Orkin, Inc. Randall Rollins, an oil and gas company, RPC Inc. Was one of the owners of. Randall and his brother Gary are one of two family members. Rollins, Inc. has sole shareholders. He joined the family business in the mid-1950s and extended its broadcasting arm for a while before venturing out into pest control.

Joseph safra

Banco Safra

Citizenship: Brazil

Age: 82

Net worth: $ 25 billion

Death: December 2020

Joseph Safra was the richest banker in the world. Banco Safra is the eighth largest bank in Brazil. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon into a family that had been in the banking industry for a long time. During the early days of the Ottoman Empire the family’s wealth was first built through lucrative trade routes between Alexandria, Constantinople and Aleppo. The Sapera family moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil in the early 1950s. Joseph moved to the US and launched the Republic National Bank of New York. When he returned to Brazil, he launched Banco Safra.

Sheldon solo

Solo Building Company

Citizenship: United States

Age: 92

Net worth: $ 3.6 billion

Death: November 2020

Sheldon Solo risked everything to build a 50-floor office building at 9 West 57 in 1972Th Street, which is still a popular and profitable location due to the extensive view of Central Park. Thanks to working for that risk, Solo went on to acquire an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial properties including Solo Tower at East 66th Street, Solton Place North, The Upper East Side, River Bend and One East River Place .

Lo Siu-Tongue

Yu Tai Hing

Citizenship: Hong Kong

Age: 90

Net worth: $ 1.3 billion

Death: January 2020

Yu Tai Hing is a large real estate company founded in 1996 by Lo Siu-tongue. He took the old buildings and redeveloped them. Along the way he amassed an empire of office towers, residences and retail outlets.

Arne Wilhelsen

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Citizenship: Norway

Age: 90

Net worth: $ 2 billion

Death: April 2020

Arne Wilhelmsen co-founded the Royal Caribbean Cruise in 1969. It is one of the largest cruise companies in the world, with 22 ships visiting 270 destinations from 72 countries.

Park Yeon-Cha

Taekwang Industrial

Citizenship: South Korea

Age: 74

Net worth: $ 3.1 billion

Death: January 2020

Park Yeon-cha was the president of the sneaker manufacturer Takwang Industrial, a major producer of footwear for Nike. He founded the company in 1971. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison in 2011 for tax evasion and bribery.

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