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Ring Mailbox Sensor: Amazon will alert you if someone steals your mail

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The ring mailbox sensor tells you when your mailbox has been opened or closed.


other than this Ring Always Home Cam, a $ 250 flying drone / security camera, The Amazon company quietly introduced the $ 30 mailbox sensor Thursday via a low-key announcement page. Similar to the ring motion sensor accessory for ring lighting products, the new mailbox sensor is a little sensor that depends on Amazon’s Sidewalk Technology To expand the range of your Wi-Fi network.

“This is something that many of our customers have asked for,” Ring president Leila Ruhi told me over the phone.

Ring sells a range of smart home devices, ranging from doorbells to security cameras and beyond. The company’s smart home lineup has been added to Thursday’s announcements, but Ring also introduced three connected car products It has plans to expand out of home – in evidence of its hardware event.

Ring mailbox box sensors are designed to send an alert to your phone when the door is opened and must work with other ring products, such as using Ring doorbell And Outdoor cameras To record the footage upon opening the mailbox.

You can preorder the mailbox sensor from October 8 for $ 30.

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