Ridley Road on CANAL +: what is this spy thriller worth on the rise of…

From this Monday evening, CANAL+ will broadcast “Ridley Road”, a historical mini-series on the rise of neo-Nazi movements in England in the 1960s, adapted from the eponymous novel by Jo Bloom.

What is it about ?

In the 1960s, Vivien, a young Jewish hairdresser from the suburbs of Manchester, leaves everything to go to London in search of her missing boyfriend. Out of conviction and love, faced with the rise of the fascist movement in Great Britain, the young woman espoused the cause of anti-Nazi activists.

Ridley Road from this Monday, February 7 at 9:20 p.m. on CANAL +. Episodes seen: 2/4

Who is it with?

Created by Sarah Solemani based on the eponymous novel written by Jo Bloom, Ridley Road rests on the shoulders of Agnès O’Casey, a young actress who gets her first role here playing Vivien Epstein. Her missing lover, for whom she is ready to take all the risks, is meanwhile camped by Tom Varey, whom we have previously been able to see in No Offense.

British comedian Rory Kinnear, alias Bill Tanner in Daniel Craig’s James Bond saga, lends his features to Colin Jordan, a historical figure known to have spearheaded the British neo-Nazi movement during the 1960s.

Eddie Marsan (V for Vendetta, Mission Impossible III), Tracy-Ann Oberman (After Life), Samantha Spiro (Sex Education) and Will Keen (At the Crossroads of Worlds) complete the cast.

Well worth a look ?

By adapting Jo Bloom’s novel, Sarah Solemani, creator and screenwriter of Ridley Road, seizes on an unknown part of British history: the rise of neo-Nazism during the 1960s, with the key, a breathtaking thriller and well built.

This 4-episode miniseries follows Vivien Epstein, a young Jewish girl who leaves her loving but stifling Manchester home to travel to London in the middle of the Swinging Sixties in search of her boyfriend Jack Morris.

There, she discovers that he is actually a spy for a secret group of Jewish anti-fascist activists led by Soly, the young woman’s uncle, and that he has infiltrated the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi movement led by by Colin Jordan.

Unfortunately, following an action carried out by this organization which resulted in the death of a student, Jack is reported missing. To find him, Vivien will use her charm to ingratiate herself with Colin Jordan, and thus interfere in the affairs of the party.

ridley road on canal +: what is this spy thriller worth on the rise of...
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Agnes O’Casey and Rory Kinnear.

With great accuracy and without too much embellishment, Ridley Road is a spy series skilfully mixing historical facts and fiction, which offers us a window on a historical period often forgotten, and strangely echoes the current period.

Directed by a woman (Lisa Mulcahy), written by a woman (Sarah Solemani) and carried by a woman (Agnès O’Casey), the mini-series also offers us a new perspective by choosing to follow a woman who infiltrates a world of men, which tends to underestimate the power of the latter.

Vivien uses here her innocent gaze and her beauty to appease men. If she plays the godiches, she turns out to be full of resources and does not hesitate to take risks to interfere more and more in the life of Colin Jordan.

Agnès O’Casey, who gets her first role here, is amazing in the skin of Vivien. Her talent is unequivocal, and she easily manages to carry this major series on her shoulders. Facing her, Rory Kinnear, a British comedian whose reputation is well established, is chilling in his interpretation of Colin Jordan, a neo-Nazi militant who continued, until his death, to exert his influence on the extreme British right.

With (only) 4 episodes on the clock, Ridley Road is a series not to be missed as the interpretation of the actors and the writing of the scripts are brilliant.

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