Rick Pitino Sells Miami Mansion For $17 Million

Rick Pitino Sells Miami Mansion For $17 Million

Besieged college basketball coach Rick Pitino released its impressive mansion on Indian Creek Island in South Florida in November 2017 (about a month after a graduate of the University of Louisville for his involvement in a “pay to play” scandal), with an asking price of $ 29 million. Now, two and a half years later, the mansion has finally found a buyer – at a significantly lower price of $ 17 million.

If you are not familiar with Indian Creek Island, this is an extremely rich enclave in the Miami area, nicknamed by some as “Billionaire Bunker”, and for an idea of ​​the precision of this nickname, the recently sold Pitino manor has been specifically billed in marketing materials as the cheapest property on the island!

Rick Pitino Sells Miami Mansion For $17 Million
Rick Pitino Sells Miami Mansion For $17 Million

Magnificent house

And this, despite the 12,000 square feet of living space of the magnificent house, the complex-style swimming pool and the luxurious interiors in Italian marble. But with Pitino’s new concert at Iona College which earns him $ 1 million a year (relatively paltry compared to the nearly $ 8 million a season he made when he was laid off), he is probably relieved of having finally concluded the deal for such a large and expensive property.

300-acre island

Inside, the house includes eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, with additional amenities, including a private elevator, a home office, a large gym that could be refurbished to serve as a ninth bedroom, and a dock at the edge water with elevators in the back. This is in addition to the other amenities found on Indian Creek Island, of course, like the 18-hole golf course and its own island police force 24 hours a day. And then there are these incredible views on the waterfront which are common to almost all points on the 300-acre island

To see these views as well as the interior of Rick Pitino’s former mansion in Miami, watch the video below from Luxhunters Productions:

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