Rick & Morty April Fools Day Video Reimagines Adult Swim Show For Children

Rick and Morty gives fans a glimpse of an alternate universe where the hit Adult Swim series has become a kids’ show called Rick and Morty Babies.

Rick and Morty becomes a kids’ show in a hilarious parody video posted for April Fools’ Day. The wait is almost over for fans of the top-rated animated comedy show on cable, as Rick and Morty season 5 is set to arrive in June of 2021. A season 5 trailer has indeed already been dropped, previewing the antics to come as Rick and Morty return to screens after a shorter-than-usual hiatus.

No doubt the fifth season of Rick and Morty will, like all the show’s prior seasons, go to some very dark and decidedly adult places. Indeed, the grim and twisted humor underpinning the show’s imaginative sci-fi adventures is one of its main draws among fans. Of course, Rick and Morty has plenty of time for silly jokes and wacky meta-humor as well. If the show ever did lose its dark edge though, fans would likely bail out very quickly.

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Indeed a timeline where Rick and Morty was transformed into a cute kids’ show would be the darkest timeline imaginable. Just how dark that timeline would be is revealed in a new video, presenting Rick and Morty as an adorable show called Rick and Morty Babies. See the deeply disturbing April Fools’ Day clip in the space below:

In fact there is more to this particular April Fools’ Day gag than just a funny parody video imagining a kid-friendly Rick and Morty. At midnight on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel, transformed for the day into Adult Swim Jr., an entire Rick and Morty Babies episode was actually livestreamed for fans lucky enough to be up at that hour and craving some April Fools’ Day humor. As reported by EW, the episode presented was a revamping of Rick and Morty season 2’s “Total Rickall,” featuring redubbed voices from kid actors. Sadly, the video is now unavailable for those hitting the tweeted out by Rick and Morty‘s Twitter.

Adult Swim is of course well-known for its annual April Fools’ Day gag after previous bits including the surprise release of season 3 Rick and Morty episode “The Rickshank Rickdemption” on April 1, 2017. An early release of season 5’s first episode would’ve been greatly appreciated by fans for this April Fools’ Day, but instead they got a livestreamed alternate universe Rick and Morty for kids. That’s a joke that the nihilistic and self-loathing Rick Smith can truly appreciate. Whether fans of Rick and Morty appreciated it is another question altogether. But at least those same fans know the wait for the real and sure-to-be-warped Rick and Morty season 5 won’t last too much longer.

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: Rick and Morty/Twitter, EW

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