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Rich Barton Net Worth: Rich Barton is an American entrepreneur and businessman with a net worth of $ 2.1 billion. He is best known for being the CEO of Zillow Group. He also founded Expedia and Glassdoor.

Rich Barton was born in New Canaan, Connecticut in June 1967. He graduated from Stanford University and worked for Microsoft. Rich Barton is the founder of Expedia, Jillow and Glassdoor. He founded the online travel company and Microsoft spinoff Expedia, Inc. As well as the Internet real estate company Jillow and founded the job search engine and career community Glassdoor. Barton also founded online travel photography sharing site Trower, which was acquired by Expedia. He was an enterprise partner at Benchmark and serves on the board of directors for Netflix and Artie. Rich Barton was named the MIT Technology Review’s top 10 innovator in 2003 under 35. He was named Barack Obama’s presidential ambassador for the Continental Entrepreneurship in 2012.

Zillow shares: Barton is one of the largest individual stockholders of Zillow. As of this writing he has 15.8 million shares. He bought 700,000 new shares in the open market in November 2018 when the share price was $ 40. He first became a billionaire in February 2020. Fast forward to January 2021 and Jillow shares rose to $ 135 a share. His stake at that level was $ 2.13 billion.

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