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Rhubarb And Summer Fruit Crisp: Enjoying Rhubarb In Summer

I love rhubarb in summer! This is the season folks. Not the holiday season, but the gardening season. It is still early, but my favorite fruit is making its pink appearance in the garden. I say fruit, but the product I’m referring to is actually a vegetable. I’m talking about rhubarb which is, in fact, technically a vegetable, but if you’re confused as to which it is, you’re in good company. By the way, did you know that rhubarb was legally declared fruit by a New York court in 1947?

Rhubarb and summer fruit crunchy

My favorite summer dessert (spring) is the rhubarb crunch. Why a crunchy? I’m lazy and a rhubarb summer crisp is much easier to make than a cake. It is as versatile as a cake since you can add strawberries in spring and apples in autumn. And, in my twisted mind, I can think of it as a kind of healthy … I mean it has a vegetable and oats, right?

So all you need for this crisp is to cut rhubarb and mix with sugar and corn starch (and / or strawberries or apples if desired). Put the mixture in a pan. Then add oats, brown sugar, butter, flour and cinnamon until the mixture is crumbly, but combined. Spread over the fruit mixture and bake in a preheated oven at 350 F. (177 C.) for about 45 minutes.

That’s it, and it’s sublime with or without vanilla ice cream!

If you don’t like crumbly and crumbly sugars, but like vanilla ice cream, there are other ways to enjoy this rhubarb summer dessert. Just stew the rhubarb cut on the hob with sugar, water and lemon zest until the fruit (vegetables) falls apart and thickens. Pour the hot, not hot rhubarb sauce over the vanilla ice cream, cake or pancakes above, or you can spread on toast or mix in the yogurt. The sweet summer fruit and sweet rhubarb is absolutely to die for!

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