Resorts in British Columbia: A Traveler’s Guide To Luxury

It is a known fact that natural beauty is of prime importance when you travel to British Columbia. From spectacular beaches to lush green mountains, all are perfect To entice travelers from all over the world.

Another best thing about this place that wins the hearts of tourists is luxury Resorts in British Columbia, Where the person can spend the week between the ultimate rest and the forest. If you are looking for budget resorts, you will find that too, and the facilities will never be less. So, let’s look at the resorts in British Columbia.

11 Best Resorts in British Columbia

Want Luxury? Here are some of the top resorts in British Columbia, providing the type of objection and comfort you can imagine.

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1. Tigh-na-Mara Spa & Resort, Parksville, Vancouver Island

It is a Best Resorts in British Columbia, And is located on a 22-acre woodland property. At the Tigh-na-Mara resort, you will find 192 handcrafted log rooms and a beautiful spa for all guests. For your free time, you will find a bar and a huge dining space. The resort is surrounded by Englishman River Falls and McMillian National Park.

You can always enjoy a facial and a hot massage, and feel completely relaxed in your body. You can go hiking in the forest and the hotel will organize everything for you with a guide.

Address: 1155 Resort Dr., Parksville, BC V9 P2E3, Canada
Cost: INR 13,700 per night

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2. Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Harrison, BC

If you love water sports, then this is the place for you. During your stay at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, you can take a walk on the mountain paths and witness the many water activities. Harrison Lake is surrounded by icy mountains, which offer a serene view from the resort balcony.

It is undoubtedly one of the best Luxury Resorts in British Columbia Because you will find hot springs and spas here. There are 5 types of hot spring mineral pools with medicinal effects. It even has an on-site restaurant with a dance floor.

Address: 100 Esplanade Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs, BC V0M 1K0, Canada
Cost: INR 11,572 per night

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3. Sonora Resort, Sonora Island

One of the best luxury gateways in British Columbia Sonora Sahara. The amazing forest has the best ocean view and all the luxury facilities for their guests. If you visit the resort, you can sign up for an eco-tour, which includes intelligence bears, salmon fishing, swimming in mountain pools, kayaking, hiking and biking.

The resort has 12 spacious rooms, and all are perfect for family accommodation. You will find an outdoor hot tub, fitness center, shuffleboard and tennis courts, movie theater and more on site.

Address: Sonora Island, British Columbia
Cost: INR 50,272 per night

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4. Cleoquot Wilderness Resort, Tofino

This place will provide you the best camping experience. The gorgeous resort is situated amidst beautiful woods, offering luxurious furnishings, large beds, comfortable lounges, large washrooms and luxurious tents with outdoor showers. You can also go for cloud camping, fly-fishing adventures etc. during a walk in the forest.

Address: 1 Cleoquat, Tofino, British Columbia
Cost: NA

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5. Four Seasons Resort and Residence, Whistler

If you are looking for the best comfort and luxury, then you should look for the Four Seasons Resort as it is one of the best 5-Star Resorts in British Columbia. The place has 178 rooms with 95 suites and is situated in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. The space in the middle of the forest provides a cozy fireplace.

Here you will find 14 Spa Treatment Rooms, Eucalyptus Steam Rooms, Massage Therapists and a Hot Outdoor Pool. You can try gyms and yoga centers here. Try not to forget skiing, and indulge in daily activities like golf and tennis. You can also go biking and hiking.

Address: 4591 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, British Columbia
Cost: INR 18,333 per night

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6. Fairmont Chato Whistler Resort

It is one of the top ski resorts in British Columbia. If you love winter and snow, then you should visit British Columbia at this time and arrange a stay at Fairmont Chateau. The resort is located near the snowboard and ski action center. You can go for mountain biking, hiking and golfing.

The big resort has everything perfect for couples, and families looking for some good memories. The place has 539 luxury rooms, and every room has all the best features, eg, luxury toiletries, spacious windows, bathrobes, and so on. You will find your own private seating area, on-site food and gym.

Address: 4599 Chateau Blvd, Whistler, British Columbia
Cost: INR 16,500 per night


7. Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa, Victoria

The resort offers views of Sanich Inlet of Vancouver. If you are a lover of nature, you will have to spend a few days at this resort in British Columbia. You can go kayaking or canoeing, and enjoy a glimpse of eagles and seals. While staying at the resort, you will find campfires, fireworks displays and various festivals to enjoy.

Ask for rooms with sea views, and the balcony will give you great views. The windows in the rooms are floor-to-ceiling, and you’ll find a fireplace, Jacuzzi tub, outdoor and stand-alone showers, and an outdoor tube tub.

Address: 849 Verdier Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia
Cost: INR 7,591 per night

8. Delta Victoria Ocean Point Resort

If you are not willing to go to 5-star resorts, you can always find one of the best Cheap Resorts in British Columbia. Delta Victoria Ocean Point Resort is a hit among tourists who are looking for a budget. The resort gives a perfect view of the ocean and parliament buildings.

You’ll find modern decor in the rooms, including a large flat-screen TV as well as free WiFi. You can enjoy the spa at the resort and other treatments. Overall the resort is a good place when you don’t want to spend too much money on a luxury.

Address: 100 Harbor Road | Victoria, BC V9A 0G1
Cost: INR 9,350 per night

9. Pacific Sands Beach Resort

This is another budget hotel located near the sea on Cox Bay. This place is near the Pacific Rim National Park, so when you are looking for nature, you will enjoy it. All the rooms in the hotel have an ocean view, and you will also experience beautiful sunsets and storms. Also, if you like beach activities, you should visit the nearby Cleoquot beach, and try surfing.

Address: 1421 Pacific Rim Hwen., Tofino, British Columbia V0R 2Z0 Canada
Cost: INR 12,221 per night

10. Panorama Mountain Resort

It is a family friendly resort in British Columbia. During the winter, you will find the slope slipping. In addition, you will indulge in skiing, snowshoeing, relaxing large hot tub pool and so on. Enjoy golf during the summer, and try riding a bike in a bike park. If you like camping and horse riding then you will get that too. The resort has tours of hiking, cross-country biking, fishing, mini-golf, rafting and so on.

Address: 2000 Panorama Drive 18 km west of Invermere, Panorama, British Columbia V0A 1T0 Canada
Cost: INR 7,406 per night

11. Cove Lakeside Resort

This resort is situated on the banks of the lake. You’ll find 150 suites, and the rooms are equipped with a chimney, kitchen, spacious bedroom, dryer and washer units, and balcony. You can always go 5 miles west towards Kelowna for skiing, hiking and golf. You can also try tennis and basketball courts.

Address: 4205 Gelatley Rd Westbank | West Kelowna, BC V4T 2K2
Cost: INR per night

British Columbia is one of the best places to visit when you are planning your trip to Canada. You will not only find the best historical places here, but also the fullness of nature. You will find seas, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Everyone will take their breath away. Also, when you have decided to visit this beautiful place, you will get to see the best resorts in British Columbia. You will find a wide variety of resorts, and they are mostly for family accommodation, and are also pet-friendly.

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