Resident Evil Village Marketed With Life-Size Lady Dimitrescu Display

As more details emerge about Resident Evil Village, Capcom is keeping fans engaged with this life-size Lady Dimitrescu standee in Hong Kong.

A life-size Lady Dimitrescu display is exciting fans as Resident Evil Village‘s launch date draws closer. With only a couple of months to go until Resident Evil Village releases, Capcom has been extremely tight-lipped in the build-up. The company has revealed very few details about the tenth installment in the Resident Evil series so far. The upcoming survival horror game is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The franchise is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary and a variety of new announcements are planned to mark the occasion. This means some fresh details about the upcoming game can be expected soon.

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Resident Evil Village has amassed a huge following and that has been influenced by the title’s antagonist, Lady Dimitrescu. The towering vampiric figure has become a popular character before the game has even released. The character’s frightening appearance and staggering height have kept Resident Evil fans enthralled as they wait for publisher Capcom to release more information about what role she may play in the game. Capcom is hosting its second Resident Evil Village Showcase event next month. The first event took place in January and revealed new details related to gameplay. The second event is expected to highlight even more details about the game.

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As excitement builds, Capcom has found a new way to market the upcoming release of Resident Evil Village. Eurogamer reports that several retail stores in Hong Kong have become the home of the popular Lady Dimitrescu. A life-size display of the character has been spotted by eager Resident Evil fans in Asia, as shared by Extra Mayo on Twitter. The huge standee measures up to the character’s full 9’6″ height.

Fans are still waiting to receive more details about the game’s plot. While it has been confirmed that Resident Evil Village will be a continuation of the story of protagonist Ethan Winters, Capcom has only published small hints pertaining to the trials the character will undergo in the new game. Next month looks set to be a defining one, since the company also plans to host an open beta for the multiplayer spinoff RE: Verse from April 8 to April 11.

Meanwhile, this standing display is sure to build excitement among Asia for the upcoming release. There are probably plenty of fans that would love to see this same marketing strategy on display in the United States as well. Resident Evil Village has all of the ingredients so far to cement its place as an exciting new entry in the iconic series. Capcom’s strategy to gradually reveal new information is seemingly working– anticipation continues to grow with each passing month. It’s looking increasingly likely that many fan questions will only be answered when Resident Evil Village releases in two month’s time.

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Resident Evil Village launches on May 7 for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Eurogamer, Extra Mayo

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