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Repurposing Old Furniture for a Whole New Look

Most people can’t afford to donate or download all their old furniture and go out and buy all the new pieces. This is not a realistic possibility for most people. Nor do I advise you to discard everything and start again from scratch.

Most likely, you acquired some furniture, passed down or through your purchases. These pieces can have sentimental value for you, they can have really good bones or they can be simply neutral enough to be easily processed in your design. Bringing back those old but goodies is a great way to keep your decoration budget and to give a new life to older pieces and your home decoration.

Repurposing Old Furniture
Repurposing Old Furniture

-Trying to move things around: simply tidying up the room can give your space a completely new look. There is a complete design field that focuses on the “redesign” of a space, using what you already have but rearranging it to maximize the flow and tie the pieces together. Spend an afternoon and try different floor plans and layouts. You might be surprised that a layout that you thought wasn’t working actually works.

-Give it a new feature – Get really creative with cool pieces. Applique can be sculptures on a table. A small bookcase can be an excellent room divider or an accent table. An old dresser could prepare an excellent buffet. An old vase could be an excellent lamp. Get creative with your pieces. Try to see the potential in them and use your creativity to make it happen.

-Give a makeover – If the piece is sturdy, consider giving it a makeover. A new paint or stain could completely change the appearance and function of the piece. Adding a fabric tablecloth to an old table can liven up a space. A new lampshade from an old lamp can make it look new.

-Consider the re-padding – If the piece is of quality, solid in its structure and base, consider finding an exceptional new fabric. The coating must be kept for well-made pieces and in good condition. It’s not necessarily less expensive than buying a new piece, so make sure you really love it before going down this road.

There are many ways to use large old pieces in your interior design. All you need is a little creativity and thinking outside the box to give that piece a new lease of life and keep your decorative budget.
by Paola McDonald

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