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Represent Summer Capsule Collection Preview – Must-Have Pieces

When it comes to the “best time of the year,” it’s hard to beat summer. Who can say no to warm late nights, beachside vacations, a cold beer, and good times?

Summer is all about taking it easy. Summertime isn’t always easy if you’re the kind of guy who is hyped up on style year-round, it’s likely you find it hard to stay consistent through the warmer months.

Most wardrobes revolve around layers accentuating a reliable and trustworthy base with long or short-sleeve layers that are equal parts for warmth as for flare. In the wintertime, it’s easy to grab a bulky jacket to throw on top and head out on your way. When it becomes too warm for that formula, we must rely on solitary pieces to carry a fit to full speed. This poses the question of the year for the stylish man – where can you find single layers that are capable of doing all that work on their own?

Represent, a UK-based apparel brand, solves that problem with their newly released and highly anticipated Summer Capsule. Taking notes from the season, Represent employs contrasting tones and fresh details against their classic silhouettes to create a capsule worthy of day after day wear once the mercury begins to soar. Read on for a look at some of the stand-out pieces in the collection, as well as a bit of background on Represent and how they came to be.

Who Is Represent?

Represent has recently eclipsed a decade of existence – founded in 2011, Represent is rooted in a love for classic British heritage streetwear. Founders Mike and George Heaton initially found Represent as a vessel for George’s artwork, evolving over time into a full spectrum apparel brand. 2021 saw a major overhaul for Represent, aligning its website and channels to reflect the aesthetic and brand that had grown over the previous ten years.

Across all of their collections, Represent echoes one idea in solidarity – luxury. In the current Summer Capsule, luxury meets “subdued sophistication” by making modern adaptations to classic workwear and streetwear-inspired silhouettes and creating bold, stand-alone pieces. Here are a few of our favorites.

Patron of the Club Shirt

Represent Summer Capsule Patron of the Club Shirt

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The Patron of the Club shirt is a hero of the Represent Summer Capsule collection and the strongest fighter in the argument that one piece really can rule an entire outfit. The short-sleeve shirt, coming in a decadent cream color with accents of rich brown, evokes the best of luxury meets the best of classic workwear-inspired style. The oversized fit is a key player in the design here – while fabric and fit speak to Represent’s signature luxury, the oversized and flowy nature screams luxury on the axis of blissful vacation.

Represent styles the Patron of the Club shirt with the Tailored Pant, also in Cream (more on them soon) – making for an all-white look that is simultaneously angelic and bad to the bone. The Patron of the Club shirt would just as easily pair with your favorite well-worn light wash denim for a night out or with this season’s swimwear for a day at the beach.

Represent’s subtle but direct branding continues to drive luxury while also prompting exclusivity – sure to make your friends question what exactly is “the Club” and how they might be able to become a Patron as well.

Tailored Pant

Represent Summer Capsule Tailored Pant in Cream

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So far, we’ve seen the Tailored Pant in Cream playing a supporting role to the Patron of the Club shirt, but the quintessentially seasonal pant really stands on its own. If you grew up understanding the land of the law to be no white after Labor Day, a note from here on that Cream is the universal exception (though, you should do what you want. These are year-round trousers).

That being said, the Tailored Pant is really built to excel as a part of a summertime wardrobe. Also tactfully nodding to classic workwear in form, the Tailored Pant comes in a modern slim fit, accentuated by the texture of a 44% virgin wool blend mixed with polyester and elastane for a little bit of stretch.

As far as stand-out features go, the fixed waistband and crossover clasp overshadow traditional zip or button flies for a unique spin on the classic trouser. Welted pockets in the front and back leave room for everyday carry, while the hidden hem zip on the extended leg is there to further tailor your desired fit.

Again, this is paired with class alongside the Patron of the Club shirt for an evaluated vibe but could be paired simply with a favorite tee or even a blazer for a different look. The versatility of white makes for a great canvas for the footwear of your choice – where does your mind go?

All Over Logo Swim Shorts

Represent Summer Capsule All Over Logo Shorts

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Swimwear is often overlooked in summer capsules – while they’re sometimes too utilitarian to fall gracefully in line with a designer’s vision, Represent was up to the challenge. Their All Over Logo Swim Short is a perfect complement to the other pieces geared more towards daily wear, while also being versatile enough to be worn off the beaches as well.

The All Over Logo Swim Shorts are most successful in striking the perfect balance of length – coming in at an eight-inch inseam, Represent is right on track with both the current style and timeless silhouettes of swimsuits proven over the last hundred years. Available in five colors (the Brown is a personal favorite), the Swim Shorts feature a discreetly repeating Represent logo present throughout the shorts. The internal netting makes for a fully functioning swimsuit, while the comfortable polyester fabric makes for a street-friendly pair of shorts, as well.

The simplicity of this garment makes for endless possibilities for the full outfit. Accent with a favorite pair of sneakers to lean into the streetwear influence, or a classic leather sandal to hit the dunes. Either way, you’ll be ready.

Tracksuit Jacket + Split Trackpant

Represent Summer Capsule Tracksuit Jacket and Split Trackpants

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Represent did not hold back on the crown jewel of their 2022 Summer Capsule. Even in the sunshine and warmer temps, one cannot deny the supreme simplicity and intention behind an all-black fit. Yes, even in the summertime, a boldly dark wardrobe sticks out. Represent delivers with their Tracksuit and Trackpant combo, in a sleek base black with cream accents and highlights throughout the set. Represent says it best in describing the combination: they have mastered “the aesthetic of ultimate laid back sophistication”.

The Track Suit is designed to be the number one choice in an everyday way. Styled together, the combination evokes the best of classic athletic aesthetics with the cool, calm class of someone who is indestructibly sure of themselves. As comfortable in the gym as behind a dimly lit pool table, the Track Suit is a truly versatile set with its own gravitational pull to be worn in unison.

When styled individually, it’s impossible to not be distracted by the simple and fulfilling attention to the smallest of details. With a longstanding track record of refined success, black and cream is a seemingly impossible combination to re-invent – but Represent reimagines the classic pairing with the Tracksuit Jacket by employing only the thinnest, cleanest Cream accent line down each arm of the jacket. Complete with an elastic waistband and hand zip pockets, the piece is both accessible and utilitarian for everyday wear.

Of all the outstanding pieces in the Summer Capsule, the Split Trackpant has the highest likelihood of being worn (quite literally) every single day for the rest of your life. Luxury is rarely proven by bells and whistles, but instead by how far you could elevate the most standard of daily basics. While everyone has likely owned a pair of track pants in their lifetime, Represent’s take on the athletic staple lives in a league of its own.

Echoing the linear Cream highlights established with the Tracksuit Jacket, the Split Trackpant continues the trend of the under-the-radar class by employing the classic black against the cream accent. Similar to the Tailored Pant, the Split Trackpant features a slim fit with familiar hidden zip at the hem for further personal customization.

In envisioning a luxurious tracksuit, you will need to erase all previous thoughts on the track uniform of high school fame and re-think what it means to meld comfort with class. Represent’s summer star is the result of stripping down a classic to its simplest core and elevating the bones to the highest point of luxury (and truthfully, you deserve it).

Represent Summer Capsule Recap

Represent Summer Capsule Collection on Models

While it’s easy to remember in the Hamptons or Miami that summer is truly the most luxurious time of the year, it takes discipline to keep that in mind while living your normal routine but constantly in search of air-conditioned surroundings.

Represent’s Summer Capsule is a steady reminder of the quiet class of summertime, with much applause due for their utilization of classic, elevated cuts and colorways signature to the season.

You can take a look at the full collection via Represent’s website, where the Capsule has been released to the public and is available for purchase.

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