Renee Montgomery Buys Atlanta Dream WNBA Team As Part Of Ownership Group

Retired WNBA star Renee Montgomery now owns the WNBA team, as reported by TMZ Sports and other outlets. Montgomery has partnered with two former real estate executives (Larry Gottesdaner and Susan Abair, both Northland real estate firms) to buy the Atlanta Dream from their former owners, including former Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler, for an undisclosed sum.

Montgomery recently retired as a WNBA player after 11 seasons on the court, and the deal is his first former player to own a team in the league. And in a press statement, Montgomery made it clear that she sees herself as hopeful that there are many more to come:

“My dream has come true … breaking down barriers for minorities and women is the first player in the WWBA to have a stake in ownership and a leadership role with the ownership team is both an opportunity that I take very seriously. I I invite you to join it. As the Dream builds momentum in Atlanta! “

renee montgomery buys atlanta dream wnba team as part of ownership group

Kevor Djansezian / Getty Images

The deal between the Montgomery-owned cooperative and Loeffler has little political resemblance, as Loeffler and Montgomery politically collided with the latter’s support for Black Lives Matter protests last year, and is now a recently ousted former American. Taking ownership of the team from the senator.

But Loeffler and fellow former co-owner Mary Brock put diplomacy in their own statement on the deal:

“10 years ago we stepped into Atlanta to keep Dream as an important asset to a vibrant and diverse city. It was also important for us to help level the playing field for women’s professional sports. We We are proud of what we have done. Best wishes to the team in their next chapter. We will always value the hard work and dedication, and the memories, fans and friendships that have sustained our commitment to the Atlanta Dream over the past decade Was. “

The Atlanta Dream is not the only sports team in which Montgomery has an ownership stake. Earlier this year he formed a fan with Marshawn Lynch, Mike Tyson and pro wrestler Miro as the owners of the animals in the Football League at Fan. Football league which was formed in 2017.

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