Release Date, New Cars, & Details

The third season of Rocket League’s free-to-play era is almost here, and it’s themed around an official crossover with NASCAR and Formula One Racing.

Rocket League is preparing to launch its third season as a free-to-play game, promising a months-long festival of real-life racecars hitting the game’s over-the-top car-soccer fields. With the promise of both NASCAR and Formula 1 crossover cars joining the game, there’s a lot to get excited about. Current competitors and racing fans looking to see what the hubbub is about only have a little over a week to wait before Rocket League Season 3 begins.

A big part of any new season of Rocket League is the Rocket Pass, the game’s equivalent of a battle pass. While the full details about this season’s unlockables are still forthcoming, developer Psyonix has revealed a new, Rocket League-original vehicle to combat the addition of stock cars and Formula 1 racers. Called Tyranno, this new car is a top prize of the Rocket Pass, described by Pysonix as a “master of [the] dash with a Dominus hitbox.” The Dominus is already one of the top cars in all of Rocket League, so a new version could be of particular interest to competitive players.

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A season themed around racecars would be incomplete without a track, which is coming in the form of DFH Stadium (Circuit). DFH Stadium is the Smash Bros. Final Destination of Rocket League – the field that gets the most play and the most attention. The Circuit variant adds racing spectacle to the stands and a racetrack going around the field’s edges. Players won’t get any bonus points for completing laps during regular competition, but it’s a nice touch that complements the NASCAR theme of Season 3.

Rocket League Season 3 Launch Date & Details

Season 3 of Rocket League is currently set to release on April 7, but the main event won’t roll out right at launch. Both the NASCAR and Formula 1 cars will arrive in the middle of the season, with NASCAR bundles hitting the in-game store in early May and Formula 1 following up in mid-May. It’s unclear how much of the NASCAR and Formula 1 crossover will bleed into the Rocket Pass and how much will be exclusive to the premium bundles, but that information will come out as the season progresses. Players will have plenty of time to earn racing-themed awards, as most Rocket League seasons last around three to four months.

Considering there have already been Rocket League crossovers with everything from the DCEU’s Batman to The Fast and the Furious and WWE, it’s somewhat surprising Psyonix is just now taking the logical step of integrating real-life motorsports. The new racecars and track will make perfect additions for players interested in both sports and esports, and the rest of the season will hopefully provide enough high-octane doodads to keep the rest of the player base happy. The only thing that could make Rocket League Season 3 better is some sort of official racing mode for casual fun between intense car-soccer sessions.

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Rocket League Season 3 will be available for compatible platforms on April 7, 2021.

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