Recasting The Main Characters From Dawson’s Creek, Today

Recently the show Dawson’s Creek has been trending again and there have even been talks of a potential reboot. It would be refreshing to see a reboot that shows a different side of teens. Dawson’s Creek graced the airwaves when shows like Beverly Hills: 90210 were nearing their end, and instead of following in their footsteps, it created a world where things happened a little slower and teens actually cared about real things.

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At times these teens seemed way more mature than they should be, and the real age of the actors didn’t help. But overall the show was simple and mainly just about the lives of teens in a small town. The show even found an older audience by including stories about Dawson’s parents, Jen’s grandmother, and Joey’s sister. A new version of this type of show is something many would appreciate, and there are a lot of talented actors who could make it happen.

10 Dawson Leary- Charlie Plummer

James Van Der Beek's Dawson Leery could be played by Charlie Plummer

Dawson Leary is a sensitive teen with a passion for filmmaking that sometimes causes him to be narrowminded and fallible. But his lovable nature makes him easily forgivable. In order for an actor to emulate what Van Der Beek brought to the show, they would have to be able to come off as vulnerable and empathetic.

A young actor who fits the criteria would definitely be Charlie Plummer. Plummer’s past roles prove he can play a sensitive, mature teen, traits that Dawson was also known for. In Words On Bathroom Walls, Plummer’s character had a passion for cooking that parallels Dawson’s love of film, and Plummer made it believable, and his work in Looking For Alaska shows he could handle portraying a character who experiences grief just like Dawson did when he lost his father in season 4.

9 Joey Potter-Bailee Madison

Katie Holmes' Joey Potter could be played by Bailee Madison

When the new girl Jen moves to town and turns Dawson’s head, best friend Joey realizes the extent of her feelings for Dawson. The whole situation causes her to be a little petty and jealous in the first few seasons, the character perfecting the side-eye, but she’s a fan favorite due to her quips and her laid-back style.

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Bailee Madison’s role as the intelligent and intuitive Grace on Hallmark’s Good Witch makes her a good pick for the role, as she would be great at delivering the banter Joey was known for, and both characters being book smart and known for giving witty comebacks. And her role in The Strangers: Prey At Night is great practice for Joey, who often got cast in Dawson’s many horror movies.

8 Pacey-Noah Centineo

Joshua Jackson's Pacey Witter could be played by Noah Centineo

Dawson might have had Joey’s heart from the beginning but Pacey not only won her heart in the end, he won over a large majority of the fans with his sense of humor and carefree attitude.

Pacey was someone fans wanted to either be their best friend or boyfriend and Noah Centineo would be great to bring back this character as he has already played a few boyfriends who melted hearts. After being known as “The Internet’s Boyfriend” due to his numerous roles as the ideal boyfriend in popular teen films like To All The Boys, it’s only fitting Centineo is the first pick to play the loveable Pacey.

7 Jen Lindly-Liana Liberato

Michelle Williams' Jen Lindley could be played by Liana Liberato

Jen is the shiny new toy on the playground at Capeside High and everyone but Joey seems to welcome the break from the mundane. Jen is a layered character and the actress who gets cast as her has to be able to portray the duality of her carefree vibe and the defensive wall she puts up.

Liana Liberato’s roles in Light As A Feather and the movie Banana Split both showed her as the new girl entering the town and trying to fit in. So she’s no stranger to that kind of role, and her energy is very reminiscent of a young Michelle Williams.

6 Jack Mcphee-Justice Smith

Kerr Smith's Jack McPhee could be played by Justice Smith

Jack was an important character as he was one of the few gay characters on television at the time and part of the first primetime on-screen kiss between two men. His was great for LGBTQ+ representation, but one thing that was somewhat criticized was the fact that Kerr Smith, who plays Jack, identifies as heterosexual in real life.

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Currently, there are many actors who identify as LGBTQ+ so there is no excuse for anyone but someone from the community to play such a character. Justice Smith would be a great fit to play the sensitive, educated, super loyal friend seeing as the actor came out in 2020. Also, his roles in All The Bright Places and Every Day prove he can play the sweet loveable Jack Mcphee.

5 Andie Mcphee-Helena Howard

Meredith Monroe's Andie McPhee could be played by Helena Howard

Andie McPhee came along in season two with her brother Jack as his exact opposite. She is obsessed with grades and school and was often a bundle of anxiety. Meredith Monroe, who played Andie on the show, deserved recognition for the amazing job she did portraying Andie’s breakdown in season 3.

Helena Howard would be a great choice for Andie. She did an amazing job on Amazon’s The Wilds, playing Nora, a similarly anxious character who worries about her family to the same degree as Andie. And while she doesn’t have a full-on breakdown like Andie, her anxiety and drastic decisions on the show display howHoward would have no trouble with the material.

4 Mitch Leery-James Van Der Beek

John Wesley Shipp's Mitch Leery could be played by James Van Der Beek

Many reboots, like Girl Meets World, bring back an original cast member as a parent so would it be fun to see Dawson himself return t the show — but now as his father.

The show could either be him playing himself as a father at this age and have the teens be typical archetypes of the original characters or Van Der Beek can channel Mitch and create a very meta character. Either way, having Van Der Beek be a part of the cast seems like it would be an entertaining choice.

3 Gale Leery-Keri Russell

Mary-Margaret Humes' Gale Lerry could be played by Keri Russell

Gale is a flawed character but viewers of the show still fell in love with her as Dawson’s mom. She made a mistake by cheating on her husband and she pays the price for a few seasons before finally finding a way to repair her marriage to Mitch. It was refreshing for a mother to have so much dimension on a show largely focused on the teens and the actress who plays her has to be someone well-liked.

Someone who comes to mind would be Keri Russell. Most known for portraying the hopeless romantic Felicity on the show of the same name, she could easily play a character with layers like Gale. Plus it would be fun to see her opposite of Van Der Beek.

2 Grams-Fionnula Flanagan

Mary Beth Peil's Grams could be played by Fionnula Flanagan

One of the most memorable grandmothers on television for sure, Grams became a big part of all the character’s lives. Jen often butt heads with her religious ways, but despite their differences, Jen and Grams found a way to become really close.

Whoever took over as Grams would have to be someone who could become everyone’s favorite grandmother. A seasoned actress who comes to mind for such a task would be Fionnula Flanagan. She stood out in her role in The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood and seems like a good fit to bring reprise the role of strict but loving Grams.

1 Bessie Potter-Sophia Bush

Nina Repeta's Bessie Potter could be played by Sophia Bush

Bessie is one of the most lovable aunts on television, finding a way to fulfill her dreams and still care for Joey. She’s a true multitasker with a big heart and her inclusion helps shape Joey into the intelligent snarky girl she is.

Having already been the busy but involved aunt on One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush comes to mind when casting Bessie. Bush has played a variety of strong characters over the years, and in her most recent role as a stepmother on Dear, Vincent, she brings to life the hardworking character who has a lot of traits in common with Bessie, thus making her a great choice.

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