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Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Daith Piercing

Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Daith Piercing

So you are thinking about having a Daith piercing? Well, you should really learn the way the Celtic knot works before you have one of your own. It is a beautiful, beautiful knot, but there are things that you need to know before you get one yourself.

You probably have seen those photos of women who sport Celtic knots on their breasts. Some of these women have multiple Daith piercings in their upper arms. There are many different places to get a Daith piercing in the upper arm. You may also be able to get one on your bikini line or somewhere else on your body that is covered up by clothes.

Daith Piercing
Daith Piercing

The piercing is done from the inside out, and the top of the Daith piercing is also known as the “head” of the Daith. The point of this piercings is to have an outward appearance to the tattoo. You can look at it as a design. The first part of the piercing looks like a Celtic knot, and the point is the other side of the knot. The back of the knot is where you have the “V” shaped indentation where the two sides of the knot meet.

Piercing professional

You will want to have a piercing professional make the placement of the piercing for you. A good tattoo artist can get this done for you in a matter of hours. If you are having a handjob later on down the road, it is not necessary to have a second piercing done.

The top of the Daith piercing is the “ground” or the bottom, and it has a very deep, dark border that is covered up with a brown band. It looks much like a small heart, and some people can see the “heart” egg shape as well.

Some people think that the bottom of the Daith piercing is lower than the other one. The bottom is the “eye” or the top, and it looks much like a D. The ground of the Daith is on the lower portion of the Daith piercing. You can only see the brown band of the bottom if you look very closely at the end of the tattoo.

Daith piercing
Daith piercing

Celtic knots are very beautiful, and you should think twice before getting one. If you are thinking about getting one of these tattoos, take the time to learn more about the Daith piercing before you get one. Make sure that you have the proper knowledge before you go ahead and have one of your own.

Tattoo design

Be sure that the artist who is making the Daith for you is really experienced with the knot, and he or she will know how to do it properly. Even if the tattoo design is taken from a book, make sure that the tattoo artist is one that specializes in the knot.

The bottom of the Daith piercing is very difficult to achieve for some people, and it can be hard to get it just right because it is usually a wrong size. Too large of a knot can be very difficult to get perfect. Some people might get several of them made, only to find out later that they were all wrong.

Do not forget to talk to your piercer about getting another piercing done in the same place. Sometimes the piercer can let you use the same piercing to have two in the same spot. This is known as a “double knot”.

The left side of the Daith piercing is called the “ring” and the right side is called the “eye”. When you are making your decision about what type of knot you want, you might want to consider whether you want both left and right eyes, or just one.

If you want a necklace to go with your piercing, you can buy a necklace from most jewelry stores that have the Celtic knot design on it. If you don’t want to go to a store and buy a necklace, you can find beautiful earrings on the internet that have the same design on them. The Irish have a long history of tattooing themselves, so getting a Celtic knot tattooed onto your body is something that is very beautiful and unique.

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