Reasons Why Natalie May Be Trying To Get Sympathy On IG

Many have noticed Natalie is showing a softer, more likable side on social media. But are her sad posts just a ploy to gain sympathy from fans?

After saying some truly terrible words to her fiancé, Mike Youngquist, on 90 Day Fiancé, Natalie Mordovtseva is now trying to do damage control by gaining fan’s sympathy on Instagram. Natalie has a financial incentive to change her image, as a strong public persona may lead to Cameo requests, various modeling gigs, and sponsorships from different brands in the future. When Natalie first arrived in the United States, she tried to control Mike by asking him to quit drinking and start eating healthy vegetarian food. But he didn’t pay attention to her demands and instead did what he wanted to do.

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The Ukrainian beauty felt betrayed by Mike’s behavior and ended up calling him some unkind words on camera. She asked him not to touch her and called him a “low-class drunk man.” Many 90 Day Fiancé fans were shocked to see that Natalie even dragged Mike’s ex-wife into the conversation and implied she had also been a low-class person. In another scene, Natalie told the cameras she has trust issues with Mike because he once slept at his female friend’s house. She accused Mike of lying and cheating because she believed he slept with his friend. While arguing, she told Mike she is much more beautiful than him. Mike was unhappy to hear such terrible words, and so were fans.

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Even though Natalie cried a lot throughout the season, many 90 Day Fiancé fans still blame her for ruining her relationship with Mike. She hasn’t received as much love as other female stars of the show. Now, she may be trying to paint a different picture on social media, which might help her get some support and attention. Recently, Natalie posted a glammed-up photo on Instagram with the caption, “An other day will cover all my sadness…And wishing the same to everyone!” The post came after her on-camera breakup with Mike, and seemed like a ploy to gain sympathy from fans. Season eight is now coming to an end, and the cast members are trying their best to engage with their fans and gain a huge following on social media. Natalie may have seen that new 90 Day Fiancé cast member Yara Zaya has more Instagram followers than her, so she may be trying to attract a wider audience by exposing a “softer” side of herself.

Currently, Yara has 144K followers, while Natalie has 120K. If Natalie were able to gain a massive following on Instagram, she would definitely be approached for various sponsorships. She already has experience in acting and modeling. A huge fan following would also help her rake in extra income on Cameo. A few weeks back, Natalie posted a crying selfie on Instagram and shocked many fans. She had teary eyes, and her mascara was coming off. When a fan asked the reason for her tears, the TLC star said she loves Ukraine and the people living there. She “can’t stand when someone talks not good on them. I suffer with the ones who are hurt too.

It takes a lot of courage to post a crying selfie and talk about personal troubles to a stranger, but Natalie did it flawlessly. However, it is possible she was just trying to gain fans’ attention. Some think she was probably trying to portray Mike as a “monster” and herself as a victim to gain sympathy. After Natalie acted like a villain on season 8 many times, she is now showing a softer, more likable side on Instagram. Fans just aren’t sure if Natalie’s new persona is genuine.

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