What Really Turns a Girl on Tips and Advice

Turning a girl on seems like an impossible mission for men. We always need to get ‘in the mood,’ and even a little detail or mess-up might turn a woman off. It’s like a lady has a mysterious drum inside of her head that can make her want it in the most unexpected and even inappropriate situations.

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What Turns a Girl on Tips and Advice

So what turns a Russian girl on? Just like any girls all over the planet, we like similar things. Don’t be surprised if they will seem weird for you:

Deep voice and good smell

A raspy and calm voice is what makes her melt like an ice-cream cone. High-pitched sounds are associated with feminine traits, and basses are the most masculine, consequently. If a guy feels sexual tension, his voice tends to go deeper (that is just our pure animal nature). Similarly to women’s energy, low pitch awakens something unexplainable in us. If you are not the happiest baritone possessor, my advice is to keep it natural. Pretending is the worst thing ever. When it comes to smell, women prefer the natural scent of the human body (not ‘I haven’t showered for a week’ natural). Men have to feel sexy. We have to understand that you have been doing something throughout the day. Nice expensive cologne will only add some bonus points.

Strong arms

When men look for curves, women tend to notice the part of people’s arms from the elbow and to the palm. Strangely enough, ladies are attached to this part of human body. And when men have rather muscular arms with some hair, it makes us think you are one active person on the instinctive level. So don’t be afraid to show your hair – it’s completely natural. This tells about a healthy testosterone level. And vice versa, skinny arms with no hair look somewhat feminine, which is fine, but not as sexy as traditional male arms. I swear I didn’t make this up, real statistics!

Well-fitting clothes

We don’t want you to be all dressed up like James Bond, but seriously, beautiful fabric and well-fitting size is a yes for all women. Just like men, ladies dislike baggy oversized Dobby-looking hoodies, destroyed jeans and dirty shoes. We like when you keep it simple, preppy or sophisticated. You can never go wrong with a casual outfit. The top-rated clothes are sweat-pants (apparently), flannel shirts that bring us back to the 15-year old age of boy-bands, and a classic everyday suit or fancy tuxedo for mature girls. Also, lovely garments and rolled up sleeves are top-notch (notice how sleeves correlate with the second paragraph).

Note: this part was about perceiving. Turn-ons are so much more than ‘feel, smell and watch.’ But, since those components are still substantial, it is only fair that I also mention them. Notice how hair-cuts and abs are not included. Why? Because those things are optional. I can like long hair, and my friends can be turned on by clean cuts. Some people love six-packs, others prefer a little tummy. It’s all perfectly fine.

So what are the turn-ons regarding character traits?


Courageous men are extremely hot. When we are afraid to sneak in a dungeon, but people can go anywhere without any emotion on their faces, women are having an exciting moment. Males that can walk you through a bunch of stray dogs or figure out complicated issues are the masters of the situation. Every woman low-key wants to feel fragile and protected.

Sense of humor

When a man knows how to tell a good joke, it makes a woman feel happy and relaxed, which adds up to your imaginary profile. If a male has a dry sense of humor, he seems dull and boring. Yes, dangerous men are sexy too, but an excellent attitude and genuine smiles are really what matters.

Talent and mystery

Women always tend to choose people who act like Tuxedo from Sailor Moon – talented, subtle and humble. If a guy knows how to play a guitar, paint, cook or speed-drive, it makes us wonder – what else can he do? Is he as virtuous in other situations? What is his goal? What makes him so sexy? Never tell too much – unknown past and rather a cold attitude is strangely one of the biggest turn-ons.

Dominant and self-assured attitude

I know, a lot of women will hate me for this confession, but we all want to be tamed. Women have some issues with being submissive, that is just nature. Why are we attracted to jerks? It’s a pure mystery. I guess women don’t like to be bossy, so they wait until a healthy men come and show his masculine feelings. Alright, the interaction of the sexes is a fascinating topic. Whether you want to be a douche or stay a good man- it’s totally up to you.

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