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The Real Estate School offers several real estate courses for residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including exam preparation courses and continuing education courses. You can enroll in this program to prepare for the real estate salesperson license exam, which allows you to become a licensed real estate agent in the state. You can also attend this school in order to become a real estate broker, which requires additional education and ethics courses before taking a separate real estate broker exam.

The school offers day classes that last as little as two weeks, but you can also opt for more frequent night classes that allow you to take the same number of classes and training over a 10-week period.

The Real Estate School, NJ is not one of our top rated online real estate schools. You can check out our list of the best online real estate schools for what we think are better options.

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The benefits explained

  • Classes are offered in a fully live, online format: The current online format offered by this school can make it easier to get a real estate license without going to school or moving.
  • Taught by expert instructors and lawyers: Students can log in with a mobile device and internet connection to get live instruction from real estate experts and lawyers.
  • Real estate courses, brokerage courses and continuing education are offered: You can take a real estate preparation exam, study to become a real estate broker, or take continuing education to keep your license.
  • Day or night courses available: You can choose to attend a real estate school during the day or in the evening, whichever suits your schedule best.
  • Free sample lesson offered: See if The Real Estate School is right for you by attending one of its live online classes for free.
  • Recruitment events offered each month: The school offers monthly recruiting events that can help you land a job once you pass your licensing exam.

Disadvantages Explained

  • Not certified by ARELLO and IDECC: The school is not certified by ARELLO and IDECC, two of the most prestigious accreditation bodies in the field of real estate education.
  • Classes are specific to residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania: The Real Estate Salesperson Exam Courses and Continuing Education are for residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while the Broker Exam Prep Course is for New Jersey residents only.
  • Does not currently offer in-person instruction for salesperson training: This school’s real estate exam prep courses are currently offered online, so you don’t have the option of attending in person.

Tuition fees at The Real Estate School are non-refundable, nor can they be transferred to another person who wishes to attend. However, you can change your start date with at least one week (written) notice.

Courses available

The Real Estate School, NJ is for residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and offers a handful of courses to help prospective students achieve their career goals or obtain the licenses they need to work in the field.

Sales course

The Real Estate Salesperson License course is available to residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and enrollment periods are available throughout the year. Students can choose to take this exam preparation course during daylight hours from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday for two weeks. Conversely, students can also take this exam preparation course two evenings a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Broker course

The brokerage course is available to New Jersey residents and includes 150 hours of training – 90 hours of general broker education, 30 hours of agency and ethics training, and 30 hours of office management instruction. This course prepares you for the New Jersey State Broker’s License Exam.

Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education courses are also offered to residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, although the timing of these courses may vary. For example, courses can be offered during the day or in the evening, and they can include different and timely topics that may depend on trends in the real estate industry. Recent courses have covered topics such as ethics, mortgages, and housing fair advertising rules.

Course format

According to the school, the New Jersey Real Estate Commission has allowed schools to hold their salesperson license courses in a live online format. This means that you can continue your preparation for the real estate license exam at the dates and times listed on their website, but you will need to log in with a computer (or other mobile device) and have a reliable internet connection.

You must attend class at least 80% of the time to pass the Salesperson and Broker pre-licensing courses.


The school of real estate does not specify the credentials of its instructors or even who they are. However, the school says it employs two full-time salaried instructors, as well as two licensed real estate attorneys who offer their expertise as guest lecturers.


The Real Estate School is accredited by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission and the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. Although it does not display its state exam pass and fail rates, it does offer an array of positive student testimonials and endorsements. In fact, The Real Estate School reports a 99.81% customer satisfaction rating among students who took classes from March 2018 to March 2019.

Note, however, that the testimonials and reviews have not been updated since before the pandemic, and therefore the user experiences documented are from courses that were held in person instead of using the current online format.


The school’s salesman course costs $395, and continuing education courses range from $39 to $119. The school does not currently offer any open brokerage exam preparation courses.

Note that students considering the school can attend a live online class for free to see if it’s right for them. Prospective students can also call the school for a free consultation at any time.

Customer service

To ask questions about the school, you can use the email contact page. The school also publishes the phone numbers of their physical location as well as their administrative offices.

Individuals can also contact an education consultant at any time who can answer questions about courses or registration. Call 856-424-5562 anytime Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET or email [email protected].

Contest: The Real Estate School, NJ vs. Real Estate Express

Although The Real Estate School, NJ caters to residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, many online schools offer similar training and courses in all 50 states. To help you decide which school you should attend, we compared this school to Real Estate Express, a popular online school for aspiring real estate professionals.

Here’s how these schools rank in several important categories:

The School of Real Estate, NJ Real Estate Express
Price $395 for the Real Estate Salesperson Course

$39 to $119 for continuing education

$479 regular price for the Real Estate Salesperson Course


$335.30 for a real estate salesperson course in New Jersey with promo code CAREER30 $98.95 for continuing education

Courses offered Real estate courses, brokerage courses, continuing education and additional courses New Jersey Salesman and Continuing Education Courses

Courses offered vary by state

Course format Live online classes, day or evening Direct

Self-paced in select states

Availablity New Jersey and Pennsylvania only Available in all 50 states

Both schools currently offer their courses in a live online format, although Real Estate Express is the only option if you want to pursue real estate studies outside of New Jersey or Pennsylvania. There are other reasons to consider Real Estate Express as well, including the fact that the price of the Real Estate Salesperson Training and Exam Prep Course is considerably lower if you can use the discount code.

Also note that Real Estate Express is certified by ARELLO and IDECC, and this school offers a money-back guarantee in most states that reimburses course fees if you fail your licensing test. However, Real Estate Express only gives you six months to access the courses you pay for.

However, keep in mind that Real Estate Express does not offer broker exam preparation courses in the state of New Jersey.

final verdict

The Real Estate School, NJ is worth considering if you live in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and want to become a real estate agent, but it’s also a solid option for New Jersey real estate professionals who wish to become a broker. Individuals from either state can also enroll in the school’s continuing education courses, which can help you stay on top of changing real estate trends while maintaining security requirements. licenses so that you can continue your work.

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We have researched and analyzed many facets of each real estate school with a quantitative approach in mind. Some of the things considered include course costs, course formats, accreditation, and reviews from former students. We also look at the provider’s overall reputation, the geographies where the courses are available, and the qualifications of the instructors. Additionally, we rate how easy the website is to navigate and whether it includes additional resources for students such as blogs, webinars, and career advice.

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