Read This Bhutan In June Guide Before You Visit To This Enchanting Place

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Bhutan, officially known as ‘The Kingdom of Bhutan’, is situated amidst the Himalayan ranges and with indomitable beauty. This Buddhist nation lures travelers with its ancient monasteries and passes through the dongongs built between the plush valleys in the Himalayas, to challenge trekking trails. June is an extension of the peak season in Bhutan when crowds are thin, fares are low and the weather is still welcoming.

So, you have many things to explore Bhutan in June. Let’s dive further and see if you have the answers to all your questions in this piece!

Weather in Bhutan in June

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June marks the beginning of the monsoon in Bhutan. Rainfall is generally moderate in the first half of June and is frequent with strong winds as the month progresses. It is really only the southern and eastern parts of Bhutan that actually receive rainfall in June; While the northern and eastern parts of Bhutan receive very little rainfall. In addition, it usually rains in the latter part of the day and therefore, tourists have ample time to enjoy sightseeing in the morning and afternoon.

Why visit Bhutan in June?

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What better ways can a traveler find during his festivals to experience the festivities, lifestyle and culture of Bhutan? The Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan comes alive and alive with many festivals and events taking place in June:

Sakateng Festival: This 3-day festival celebrated by native Brocups is the best time to witness Bhutan’s rare dances such as Yak dance and Ache Lhamo.

Nimlang Festival: The festival is a celebration of Guru Rinpoche and is popular in Nimlung Dratsang, Chummi, Bumthang Dzongkhag. The highlight of the festival is the mask dance performed by the lamas.

Trela ​​Tsuchu Trelda Sechu symbolizes the celebration of the birth of Guru Rinpoche and various religious and meditation rituals are held during this festival. On this day, Guru Rinpoche’s huge bell tower is entangled with the monastery wall.

Kurze Tsechu: It is one of the most famous festivals in the Choikhor valley of Bumthang, and the people of Zakar and Kurje villages observe Guru Rinpoche on this day. The celebrations on this day include Guru Tshengi and Shinjai Cham performed by the monks of Qurji Lakhang. The feud began with the end of the festival.

Bhutan in June: 5 most exciting places to visit

If you need more reasons to visit Bhutan in June? June is an off season in Bhutan, which means you will get cheap airfares and accommodation:

1. Paro

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Located at an elevation of about 2280 meters above sea level, this fertile part of the valley is popular for the iconic tiger’s nest or Bhutan’s Takatsang. Trekkers are the main tourists of this place in June as many ascending trekking trails cause a stir during this season. In the city of Math and in the early part of this day, you can easily visit these places.

Charm: Rinpung Dzong, Jungsa Dumtseg Lakhang, Kichu Lhakang, Paro Taktsang, Paro Taktsang, Chela La

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2. Thimphu

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Thimphu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan and is a perfect blend of heritage and modernity. Home to some ancient monasteries and Dzongs, the city also looks modern with cafes and bars. Never mind, if you are planning a travel trip on a sunny day or a scheduled day, you can enjoy the luxury of your hotel room on a rainy day, Thimphu has it all.

Charm: Tashicho Dzong, Memorial, Chorten, Changkhan Lakhang, Buddha Dordenma, Simply Newton

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3. Zucker

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This small town situated in the foothills of the Bumthang Valley, looks stunning with tree-wrapped mountain ranges and the monasteries in the city create a strong spiritual aura. By the end of June the weather here is inviting for sightseeing and activities such as trekking and mountain biking.

Charm: Jambe Lakhang, Kurje Lakhang, Tamsing Math, Konchogams Lakhang, Choydrak Math

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4. Bumthang

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Bumthang translates to “beautiful area”. The Bumthang valley looks serene and the ancient Buddhist monasteries found in the valley are considered highly revered. The Bumthang Valley is a paradise for trekking in the country’s Himalayan countries and soaks in the virgin beauty of high altitude destinations.

Charm: Kurje Lakhang, Zakar Dzong, Bombay Lakhang, Tamshing Lakhang, The Burning Valley, Uru Lake

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5. Punakha

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Located at an altitude of 1,214 meters, it is located at a lower elevation than cities such as Punaka, Zakar, Paro and Bumthang and therefore, it is relatively more wet than these places. From early June to mid-June, Punakha has an average of 16 clear days which easily accommodates sightseeing. Terraced fields with rice and buckwheat are grown in the valley and they look on happily during this time of the year.

Charm: Punakha Daisong, Suspension Bridge, Chimi Lakhang, Jigme Dorji National Park, Dochula Pass

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3 most enticing things to do in Bhutan in June

1. Snowman Trek

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It is the most challenging trek in the world which takes you to a height of 5100 meters above sea level. Walking for about a month, Snowman Trek takes trekkers through the changing weather conditions through spectacular Himalayan valleys, challenging passes and unexplained remoteness. Only a few people close to Death Trek tolerate it and enjoy ethereal scenes and soul-stirring experiences!

Trekking Level: extremely difficult

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2. Thousand thousand treks

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One of the most fascinating and secluded high-altitude treks in Bhutan, the Dagla Thousand Lakes trek takes you through numerous spiral glacial lakes between mountains and grasslands, wild flowers, and rustic Bhutanese villages. The trekking trail takes you through some of Bhutan’s rich bird regions and you will fall in love with Bhutan!

Trekking Level: Medium

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3. Visit the 7th century Kyichu Lhakhang of Paro

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Amid the serene and serene atmosphere, where the wheels of prayer revolve around spiritual vibes, Kyichu Lhakhang is an ancient temple that looks extraordinary with wooden floors embellished with various precious gems. Visit this monastery in June when the surroundings look so fresh in a riot of green colors.

Started imagining yourself unconsciously in monasteries watching or trekking outside through the rugged landscape of Bhutan? Let us give our imagination a concrete look. Book your Bhutan trip today and enjoy a holiday in this Himalayan empire. While holidaying in Bhutan in June, don’t forget to share your beautiful experience while traveling!

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Frequently asked questions about Bhutan in June

Q. What pack should I give for traveling to Bhutan in June?

a. Bhutan’s climate is warm with moderate rainfall in June. Therefore, light, thin woolen clothes, full-sleeved cotton clothes, raincoats, umbrellas, sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and hats, proof of identity, first-aid boxes and mosquito repellent are some of the basic things that every traveler should travel to Bhutan Should be taken. In june.

Q. Are there enough ATMs in Bhutan cities?

a. No, it is advisable to carry enough cash in hand during the entire Bhutan trip.

Q. Is it appropriate to visit Bhutan in June?

a. Yes of course The first half of June experiences pre-monsoon rains in June and the latter half only receives rains. Therefore, there is still plenty of time during the day to enjoy trekking and sightseeing. In addition, Bhutan looks freshly green, making it a wandering dreamland.

Q. Is it true that Indian currency can be used in Bhutan?

a. Yes, you can use Indian Rupees in Bhutan. All denominations like INR 100, INR 500 and INR 2000 are accepted in Bhutan.

Q. How long does the Digla Lake trek take?

a. The Dagla Lake trek is usually for six days.

Q. What are the times of Takatsang Pulfag Math in Paro?

a. The monastery is open from 8 am to 1.00 pm and then from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm on all days.

Q. Should I buy some souvenirs of Bhutan?

a. Bhutan has an amazing collection of handmade products, such as bags, wall hangings and wooden bowls (dappa). You can also buy gold and silver jewelry, and Himalayan beads as souvenirs.

Q. What is the distance between Thimpu and Paro?

a. Thimpu and Paro are 50.7 km away and it takes more than an hour to cover the distance by car.

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